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Science is the foundation of everything. The School of Applied Sciences is an institute that operates under OSGU which is also one of the best science colleges in Hisar, Haryana. This field of study concerns mainly the application of science in various businesses. There is so much more to be explored in applied sciences including but not limited to subjects like chemistry, microbiology, physics, zoology, botany, statistics and others.

Well-versed and expert faculty are the ones in charge of these courses. The privilege of being a part of a well-known science college in Haryana is benefited by the students to the fullest. An all-rounder development is done for the pupils helping them in growing their confidence by advancing the required skill-set.

The campus of School of Applied Sciences is well-equipped to provide hand-on training to the candidates. The students are also facilitated with a posh cafeteria, clean hostels and other such amenities. The labs are developed in a way that the necessary experiments can be conducted successfully. The supervision of the teachers and professors is top-notch allowing the students to become the best versions of themselves.

Key Highlights

There are several reasons why the School of Applied Sciences is an ideal school for the science enthusiasts. A few reasons are listed as follows:

  • We motivate our students to explore new ideas and apply them in their own way which build up confidence among them.
  • Students will be trained to know about mitigation strategies in an efficient manner.
  • To provide wider visibility to the debates and propositions on issues of urbanization, architecture, technology and design that are already happening here through publication and promotion of research initiatives.
  • To provide the best possible education facilities for training students for the careers in Architecture and Design.
  • To provide a creative atmosphere in which studies and research thrive both among the students and the faculty.

Dean's Message

Welcome all students…

There are lot of universities and colleges working surrounding to us and globally. Firstly, I personally thankful for choosing us, and secondly I ensure you that the faith and belief you have shown in us and the responsibilities you put on our shoulder, will certainly be executed with complete dedication and moral and ethical values.

Of course, it the tough time throughout the world regarding employment and employability; but nothing is impossible and possibilities just require self-confidence and own belief.

We will together make all impossible to possible.

A well-known phrase is “Action speaks louder than words… but results speak more loudly than action”.

We together will create new history and mile stone in the field of education, innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Best of luck to my all dear students ‼

Dr. Renu Sharma
Dean (Applied Sciences)
M. Sc., Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Programmes Offered

B. Sc. Forensic Science

This branch of applied science deals with law and criminology and is quite fascinating. It includes the study of examination and testing of evidence that is collected by the concerned officers.

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B. Sc. (Hons) Microbiology

This honorary program is for those who are interested in studying and researching the microorganisms. Further, the program also includes education of application of these microbes in different sorts of industries.

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B.Sc. Medical

It is a medical related course that will produce candidates for the kind of work that deals with assisting the doctors or becoming technicians at laboratories. The program provides a basic knowledge of the field of medicine.

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M. Sc. Physics

This is a post graduate course that will give the students a deeper and better knowledge of qualities of any matter in space and time. The program also includes practical application of physics in various areas.

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M. Sc. Chemistry

As the name suggests, chemistry is a subject that deals with chemicals. The post graduate program includes a much detailed understanding of elements and compounds and the reactions that take place among them.

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M. Sc. Mathematics

A post graduate program in Mathematics will allow the interested students to learn the heavier concepts of quantities and structures. One can specialize in one of the branches of mathematics as well.

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M. Sc. Botany

Botany is the study of plants and this post graduate program lets the students acquire knowledge of various plant species and their identification methods. There is way more to Botany that is covered under this program.

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M. Sc. Microbiology

This post graduate program is one of the most common choices of students who are interested in biology and wish a career built on the same. It involves studying the microbes and carrying out a thorough research on them.

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M. Sc. Biochemistry

This branch is a combination of biology and chemistry. What students learn under this program is that how chemistry and bio-molecules are applicable and in living organisms and how they source to one’s existence.

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M. Sc. Home Science

This branch of applied sciences is for those who wish to better the lifestyle of humanity. It deals with the study of families and surroundings and ways to cause a good change in the society.

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M.Phil/PhD – Physics

This program, Master’s in Philosophy, is pursued by those engineered who have completed their undergraduate and post graduate degrees in the said field. The specialization will depend on the engineering courses acquired previously.

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M.Phil/PhD – Chemistry

The next step for those aspiring engineers who are willing to acquire a doctorate in their field of expertise. The curriculum mostly consists of continuation of the research projects that were being pursued at the time of previous degrees.

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This program is one of the most interesting and fascinating programs under applied sciences. It trains the students into becoming highly skilled mathematicians.

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Getting a doctorate in Botany will allow the students to go in depth of the various species of plants and carry on with their research in the field. The program is so much more than just plants.

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Zoology can be defined as the study of animals; however, it cannot be limited to this area. In a Zoology doctorate, the candidates also procure a deeper understanding of the bodily mechanisms and the chemistry that is involved.

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A doctorate in Microbiology has a huge scope and there is a lot to study than just the microorganisms. It will also include their role in different aspects of life and the continuation of the project from previous degrees.

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Biochemistry is deeper and vast than it may seem. There is a lot about bio-molecules that is yet to be discovered and this program will prepare the candidates for the same.

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M.Phil/PhD–Home Science

It is studying various persons, families and resources available to humans and society. A doctorate in Home Science will help the candidates in becoming experts in the area and bring a significant change for humanity.

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How to Apply

The process for application is not quite complicated. If you are unsure of the program that will be suitable for you, you can book a free session for tele-counselling; or if you have to enquire about the admissions, you can fill out the enquiry form; else, you can even submit your application for your desired program online.


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