School of Social Sciences and Humanities lab

  1. Lab Geography Lab: Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student. Learning of geography involves lot of practical knowledge and the lab equipped with modern geographical apparatus, maps and models provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily.
    The school has maintained a well-equipped lab which helps the learners to know the exact location of states, countries, ocean, etc. Our lab contains all maps (Physical as well as Political) , charts, globes and slides required for reference. It also contains geomorphological models needed for understanding the subject.
    The lab is well equipped with apparatus like -Rain Gauge, Thermometer, Barometer, Magnetic North and instruments like Globe, standard time indicator, etc and different 3D models facilitate the study of this subject and enhance the comprehension of students. The Lab has a rich collection of CDs and geographical specimen of minerals, metallic ores, rocks and rock forming minerals.
  2. Lab Psychology Lab: The Psychology Lab is equipped with the latest and some of the best facilities for behavioral research in the country. It has facilities for conducting research in many cutting edge areas of psychology. The major equipments include Eye-Tracker, Bio and Neurofeedback systems, Vienna Testing System and Electronic Tachitoscope. Besides them, several other facilities and equipments are also available. The lab also has some of the best-known software such as E-Prime and SuperLab for designing and conducting experiments. For data analysis (both, qualitative and quantitative) software such as SPSS, LISREL, NVivo, Atlas.ti and Decision Explorer are available. The lab is equipped with one-way glass room with audio and video devices. It also has a large collection of psychological tests and batteries. Currently the lab is engaged in several applied research projects.
  3. Lab Computer Lab: School of Social Sciences and Humanities having well equipped computer lab for applications of various activities such as Microsoft office, excel, Power point presentations, to prepare research reports, to do research, for making assignment, for learn online, for making notes, using statistical tools and software for data analysis.
    The computer lab is helpful for making any behavioral research or studies using some software. It also useful for geographical survey and research such as Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning Services (GPS), Designing Maps etc.
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