School of Yoga and Naturopathy

School of Yoga & Naturopathy (SYN), Om sterling global university  has a distinguished system of pedagogy where the eminent and highly qualified faculty members follow the system of extensive monitoring and guidance to the students by the Mentor Mentee concept in teaching. Each class has designated class in charges therefore every student gels attention, motivation and guidance in tills precise approach.

Apart from regular teaching schedule tutorials are imparted to students along with special grooming sessions to prepare them for professional excellence, Curriculum is frame worked in such a fashion that student can have ample hands on clinical exposure as well as academic revelation.

Outdoor exposure by field trips, providing Community Services to under privilege, organising health camps provides the means of personality development for the different phases of life. 


Om sterling Global University offering Yoga courses that inspires each individual to experience their own greatness through the transformational practices of Yoga. We invite all to explore and dissolve their physical, mental and energetic blocks through the application of balanced action – effort and ease, to create a new level of openness, freedom and connection. We are committed to making the benefits of yoga accessible to all experience levels, body types, ages and incomes through our classes.


  • We warmly welcome and lovingly support people in developing a healthy body, mind and spirit. We cultivate love, kindness, connection, gratitude, compassion and generosity – towards self and others on and off the mat.
  • We preserve a sacred space where people are inspired to practice yoga, create balance in their life and cultivate self awareness.​

Key Highlights

  • Exclusive brain storming sessions in small groups and regular updates of recent advancements in field of research, treatment protocols, diagnostive procedures and specialized investigative procedures helps to keep the students updated in their knowledge and skills.
  • A system of interactive teaching is a two ways bridge builds between student and their mentors which exposes them to fervor of go-getting victory participating In Contests, Quiz and competition at inter and intra college level. Quantified teaching with the latest teaching methodology and teaching aids are the strength in academics and it is realized that research and scientific activities like research publications and presentations, is the key to be up to date in any profession.
  • The diverse pool of faculty members carry with them the rich academic heritage inherited from their respective elite institutions of the country. This amalgam of faculties polishes their learners to make them shining stars and scholars in their respective professional fields.
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Dean Yoga and Naturopathy

Dean's Message

All of us are fully aware that in our society most of the peoples are suffering from anxiety, stress and strain, an age of hurry, worry and burry and as such mental ill health has become a serious problem. The deteriorating standard of health, fitness and resistance of present day enormous ills is becalmeding day by day ,  we also aware of the present scenario the world over wherein violence ,cruelty, socio-economy  imbalances, intolerance, meanness, apathy towards the sufferings of fellow beings etc. is seen.

Yoga is defined as the supreme unification of individual mind and cosmic mind. ‘Yam,  Niyam ,  Asana ,  Pranayama,  Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi’ are the eight elements of yoga system . These eight elements of yoga are responsible for the complete development of the human personality , These enable the man to understand and experience his real-existence , which in turn enable the man, to know about the sorrow and pleasure . The man comes to know that sorrow and pleasure are nothing the state of mind: Budhism states that sorrow dwells   in our way of thinking in our life style. By knowing the eternal truth of life and following the path  of  devotion , one can find eternal peace of mind.

The Yoga & Naturopathy create awareness among the masses about utility and efficacy of simple Yoga and Nature cure measures and lifestyle changes in preventive as well as curative aspects of a number of diseases.

Yoga and Naturopathy are more than mere systems of medicine. These are perfect science of healthy and holistic  living. These systems visualize the entire human personality in a holistic manner and provide one with physical, mental, social and spiritual health. These systems are proving effective in almost all the human ailments especially the psychosomatic one. Yoga and Naturopathy are simple, safe, efficacious and highly cost effective, and unlike modern medicine are free from side effects.

I hope the knowledge and courses of Yoga and Naturopathy run by OM Sterling Global University will be welcomed by all and will prove to be more effective in covering the message of Yoga and Naturopathy to the general public. The demand of yoga experts having a degree of yoga courses (UG/PG) is increasing day by day in India as well as in abroad. In this university proper attention and highly education and knowledge of Yoga & Naturopathy is given.

Dr. N.P. Giri
School of Yoga & Naturopathy,
OSGU. Hisar

OSGU Scholarship

50% Tution Fee

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.

% marks Scholarship (%)
90.1 and above 100
80.01 – 90.00 75
70.01 – 80.00 50
60.01 – 70.00 25

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.

% marks Scholarship (%)
90.01 and above 100
80.01 – 90.00 75
70.01 – 80.00 50
60.01 – 70.00 25

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.