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Om Sterling Global University

Om Sterling Global University was established in March, 2019 and dedicates itself to achieve its vision, mission and objectives through academic excellence in all spheres of knowledge. The OSGU, spread over 30 acres of fully-developed institutional land, has a lush green campus with modern infrastructure and excellent academic atmosphere. In line with its vision and mission, the campus has been designed and developed with great sense of aesthetics to provide eco-friendly environment and ambience to stimulate hunger for learning. As a temple of education, this University aims at producing world class academicians and leaders in all spheres of life by embedding in its student’s high moral values, commitment to excellence, and zeal for incessant pursuit of knowledge.

Why Study at OSGU?

OSGU is a place of education and overall development which never fails to render quality to the students. The faculty is impeccable and understands the value of education in various aspects of student lives. The campus as well is well-occupied with classrooms and essential laboratories to ensure that the students get what they need.

Apart from the curriculum, there are several other activities that take place in the campus and are encouraged as well; such as sports and arts. Whatever the student is good at, we thrive to make them the best at it. The students are a priority not only because they will represent OSGU later but also because they form the future of the country. Come to OSGU, learn to become the best.

Regulatory Approvals & Recognitions

What Makes OSGU So Exemplary?

Hisar is a wonderful and historic city and Om Sterling Global University is based in this city. With lavish campus and twelve school that render top-notch programs, OSGU has earned itself a recognition in the country as well as across the border. It is considered a privilege by many of being a part of this esteemed educational organization.

Overall development of the students is made a priority bettering them with personal as well as professional skills. They are prepared to succeed in their chosen career paths with individual attention from the faculty. OSGU thrives to make people’s lives better by contributing young and sharp minds to various fields.

OSGU Is More Than Right For You, Here’s Why -

The University campus presents a spectacular harmony in architecture and natural beauty, incorporating unique topological features, several departmental buildings and administrative block. The lush green campus provides the perfect ambience and atmosphere for learning.

Reputed, professional and disciplined work culture for quality education. The faculty knows how to prioritize the students and their development.

Content beyond Syllabus for learning latest technological trends. With up to date knowledge of the technology, the students get prepared for the rapidly growing world.

Effective Teaching- Learning Process. Students don’t only learn here they also get a chance to share their knowledge and enlighten the fellow aspirants.

Digital Library with dedicated server having VODs from NPTEL and a sufficient amount of e-study material. Apart from textbooks, the students will have access to much deeper knowledge of the field.

Continuous Assessment of Students, Regular Teacher- Guardian Interaction and Career Counselling. Students’ progress is tracked and they are encouraged to do better wherever they lack.

Excellent University Results, University merit position of students. There is history of great results achieved by the alumni and how the current batches thrive for the same.

Rewards and Scholarships to meritorious Students, Special attention towards weak students and financial help to needy students. No one is left out, every student is given the required attention helping them grow in every possible way.

IIT Mumbai remote center set up at OSGU campus for National Mission on Education through ICT for empowerment of students. Faculty from OSGU regularly visits various IITs for training on latest technological trends.

Aakash Project Centre of NMEICT- IIT Mumbai. One of the greatly named organization also supports the OSGU’s students.

Incubation centre at campus of Daffodil Software Ltd. The students will get the training and jobs they deserve.

OSGU is a partner in various Industries – Academia Programmes of reputed companies. The skill development programs are organized for students to enhance the employability.

International Relation Office (IRO) to look after activities such as student /staff exchanges and visits and collaborative initiatives. This opens up several opportunities to the students.

Expert Guest Lectures, Industrial Training Tours, Seminars and workshops for right aptitude development of students. Personal skills are as important as professional skills.

Professional Society Activities and Entrepreneurship Development Programs for students which allow them to get ready for the business.

Campus- Recruitment Training & Personality Development Programmes for students. Opportunities are provided at hand to the students to help them kick start their career.

Dedicated Training & Placement Cell. The faculty cares as much of the students’ placement as their academic development.

In-House Publication Company and International Research Journal. This encourages the students to be dedicated to their passion and stream of career.

Computing facility of about 1000 computers is available for students with internet connectivity, which is also used for on-line examination. Wireless connectivity is provided in campus and hostel.

Auditorium & Seminar Halls with state of art multimedia systems. For recreational activities and incorporating extra-curricular activities.

On campus air cooled boys & Girls hostel with a capacity of 400 students with facilities such as ultra-modern gymnasium, library and 24 x 7 internet connectivity and power back up.

Transport Facilities available from Bhiwani, Hansi, Hisar, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Adampur, Agroha, Ratia, Tohana, Bhuna, Uklana, Barwala, Narwana, Narnoud and Jind.

Almost Free Education for SC/ ST students (As applicable in PMS and SC/SP Schemes). Everyone gets their right to education.

Wi-Fi, EPBEX, LAN and Internet connectivity throughout the campus. To help the students advance and promote self-learning.

Special Scholarship plans for girl students to help support their families and themselves.

A City Guide – Hisar

“The City of Steel”, Hisar, one of the most fascinating cities in Haryana. Hisar has a proud history and a bright future given its rate of development. The city is beautiful to live in and the climate is absolutely pleasant. There are several tourist spots and there are remarkable constructions that leave the visitor in awe.

City Key Highlights

Hisar is quite a big city. If one has to visit Hisar, it will helpful for them to have acquired the following data about the city.

Population 3.01 Lakhs
Area 3,983 km²
Geo Location North
Average Climate Humid
STD Code 1662
Nearest Airport Hisar Airport
Website https://hisar.gov.in/

About History

Hisar has been a significant city from long before the British raj. The city was initially known as Hisar-e-Firoza which translated to ‘Fort of Firoz’. The city has had human civilization dating back to the pre-Harappan times. It is held possible that Chandragupta Maurya once ruled over city which also assisted him in his war against the Greek. After four empires of Mauryan, Kushan, Gupta and Chauhan, the city was taken over by Muhammad Ghori.

The city was named Hisar-e-Firoza 1354 AD by Firoz Shah Tughlaq and was reigned over by him from 1351 to 1388. Before being taken over by Babur, the city was ruled by the Sayyid and Lodi dynasty. Winning the battle of Panipat, Babur then acquired the city. It remained under the Mughals until 1760 after which it was taken over by George Thomas in 1798, an Irish adventurer. He was, however, drove out by the Marathas and the British took over the city in 1803.

Hisar is the same city that has seen the first ever Indian Rebellion against the British in 1857. Later, LalaLajpat Rai and Subhash Chandra Bose as well focused on this city for their rebellions against the British in 1886 and 1938 respectively. This rich and proud history makes the city of Hisar so special.

Study in Hisar, Haryana

There are plenty of reasons why one should consider Hisar as an ideal location to study. To begin with, the steel industry has developed Hisar so far that the economy is in a way self-sustaining. There are various other industries as well that have come up successfully in the city. The quality of education keeps rising day by day. Education is being given more and more importance and the youth is being boosted in the city.

From having only one middle school by the end of the 19th century to establishing one of Asia’s greatest agricultural schools in the beginning of 20th century, Hisar has shown a remarkable development in education. The city is well-developed to support education and talented aspirants from not the country but also from abroad.

Hisar is a historic city where the initial Indian Rebellion against the British in 1857 took place. Other than studying in Hisar, there is a lot to study about Hisar as well. It is not all about the theoretical subjects for the city, there is recognition to those who are into sports as well. Hisar is known to have produced educated and qualified citizens who have made the country proud.

What To See In Hisar?

There are so many wonderful attractions in Hisar to see. Some of the famous ones are listed as follows:


Firoz Shah Palace Complex

This complex is from the most initial constructions of the city which was built in 1354 AD by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. This historic place is governed by the Archaeological Survey of India given its historic significance.


Blue Bird Lake

This beautiful lake is more than just a waterbody. It is a wetland habitat for the endangered migratory birds. Governed by the Forest Department, this lake protects these endangered yet beautiful migratory birds.


Deer Park Jangu Nivas

The Deer Park was established in order to conserve the animals and educate people on the importance of co-existence. The park is close by the Hisar Airport and the Blue Bird lake.


Flamingo Complex

A captivating place amidst the city is the Flamingo Complex that is a great location for the tourists to visit. It is situated in the heart of the city and is a poshly constructed building.


Jahaz Kothi

This historic place was originally a Jain Mandir in the 18th century which was once residence of two British officials as well. It is situated in the eastern part of the city and is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.


Gujari Mahal

The Mahal was constructed by Firoz Shah Tughlaq for Gujri Rani after he fell in love with her on one of his hunting expeditions. It is one of the best expressions of the Tughlaq architecture.


Bishnoi Mandir

This temple is beautiful and peaceful place for the tourists and the locals to spend time at with their family and close ones. There are other popular spots and attractions with the proximity of the temple as well.

Humayun’s Mosque

Humayun’s Mosque

The Mosque was built by Humayun in the mid-16th century. It has an open courtyard and a writing on the wall can also be found that praises Humayun.

Industries in Hisar

Hisar is quite a city. There are several industries that are at their best found in the city. Some of the major industries are given as follows:

1. Steel

Well, who doesn’t know of the impeccable steel industry of Hisar. There’s a reason why it is called the ‘City of Steel’. It takes up a major section of the economy of Hisar.

2. Food

Food industry is kind of a huge part of every city’s economy. In Hisar, pan masala, beverages and spices constitute maximum of the food industry. There sure are others but these items are exported as well.

3. Pharmaceuticals

Hisar has a lot of resources in the form of land and life. There are multiple research institutes continuously contribute to the Pharmaceutical industry. These drugs from here are exported too.

4. Agri implements

Given the green and fertile land of Hisar and the commonality of practicing agriculture, Agri implements are a significant part of the supply chain. There is a whole industry based on this

5. Textiles

Textile companies in Hisar produce a great quality of fabric which is known for the same in the country. This industry has also employed a significant amount of the city’s population.

Climate In Hisar

The summers in the city can be pretty hot and the temperature varies between 40 and 46 degree Celsius. And in the winters the temperature can drop as low as 4 to 1.5 degree Celsius. Monsoons are quite pleasant and pretty in the city.

How To Travel To Hisar?

Hisar has well-equipped transportation system which is connected to several towns and cities within the state and outside. One can travel to Hisar through trains, buses, private cabs, etc. there is Hisar Airport as well which opens up gates for several cities in the country. Within the city the travelling is made convenient with the local buses, auto rickshaws and taxis.

Reasons Why Study In Hisar

Well, there are several reasons why Hisar is one of the best cities for education in India. A few of them are listed as follows:

developed city

Developed City

Hisar is a developed city with various amenities. There are power stations and marshy lands that have a lot of potential. People are educated and the technology has just proven to be a great benefit to the citizens.


Impeccable History In Education

Education in Hisar has its roots deep from the initial stages of British rule. The city was capable to be home to one of the largest Agricultural schools in the Asian continent in the early 1900s. It sure has developed much farther since then, therefore, making it an ideal location for education.


Opportunities In Multiple Sectors

Not only agriculture but also several research institutes, business and commerce, hotels, travel and tourism, are other sectors that have developed in the city. This has opened up several opportunities for the youth in the state and the country.


Esteemed Research Centers

Even though the maximum part of the industry is steel, there are research institutes in Hisar which shows how academics as well are given importance. The science enthusiasts from these research institutes sure have made notable contributions to the field.

OSGU Univiersity City of Steel Hisar,Haryana, India

“The City of Steel”

Hisar has been given this name because of the presence of huge steel industry. This has contributed to the economic and physical growth of the city. There is future with major scope for the industry and therefore for the city.


Scope For Practical Learning

Hisar is well developed in the case of urbanization, however, it still has locations that can aid the practical training for science and agriculture students. Also, there are elite hotels and art organizations that render hands-on training to the aspirants.

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