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Hotel management is one of the fastest growing sectors. There is a lot of scope in this field. OSGU has one of the best hotel management institutes in India functional under it. Situated in Hisar, Haryana, the School of Hospitality Management is one of a kind whose quality speaks for it.

The aspirants are trained under the highly qualified faculty who has rich experience in the field. Overall development of the candidates is taken care of, by faculty members. The candidates are prepared by sharpening of their professional as well as interpersonal skills.

Also, in view of our tie-ups with several well-known hotel management organizations, the students are rendered with multiple chances and opportunities for placement as well. The candidates are prepared for the businesses and different areas of hospitality management allowing them to excel in the industry.

Key Highlights

There are several reasons why the School of Hospitality Management is an ideal school for the aspiring hoteliers. A few reasons are listed as follows:

  • We motivate our students to explore new ideas and apply them in their own way to build up confidence among them.
  • Students will be trained to know about mitigation strategies in an efficient manner.
  • Students learn to understand and translate the wishes and desires of guests into appealing, customer-oriented products and services.
  • The programmes prepare the students to learn how they can lead a business in the international hospitality industry as a manager or entrepreneur.
  • To provide a creative atmosphere in which studies and research thrive both among the students and the faculty

Dean's Message

Confucius once said “Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a single day of your life”. The choice of a career is one of the most important decisions a person can make in his/her life. It is also one of the most difficult.

Studying hospitality management should not be a chance or a trend neither a fashion. One must have a will, an ambition and a passion for this field. Hospitality Management is now a major area of academic study, research and publishing.

The School of Hospitality Management (SHM), Om Sterling Global University is one of the most esteemed and well-known hospitality management school in India and abroad. This is due to its four core elements: Our cutting-edge programs that are dynamic, our state-of-the-art infrastructure, our faculty members that are very professional and internationally experienced and certainly our talented students who are our future ambassadors in the hospitality industry worldwide.

The School’s objective is to nurture all-round individuals who will be able to contribute to the advancement and betterment of the hospitality industry within the region and beyond.

As the world evolves and the industry with it, we need to continue to evolve our curricula, in order to maintain that delicate balance between education, industry, and students. Students need to be prepared to meet industry demands. At the same time, our industry needs graduates who can lead and drive innovation and growth.

We want our students to develop their academic knowledge but most importantly their cultural and ethical values and the respect for others. At the School of Hospitality Management, we prepare our students to be life-long learners, innovators, and professionals capable of being the next new generations of leaders in their careers, committed to personal integrity and civic responsibility. It is now our pleasure to show you how we are fulfilling that mission.

The School offers a dynamic, vibrant and motivated teaching and learning environment with committed staff that have substantial industry experience, high-level teaching abilities and academic strength. In addition to various forms of classroom learning, significant emphasis is also placed on industry engagement and training, site visits and case studies, as well as other relevant industry activities.

The SHM sight is set on raising the bar. We aim to redefine hospitality education. Future graduates will have the option to focus on growth areas, such as food and beverage science, Facility planning and Entrepreneurship development and, with faculty collaboration, hone in on research and innovation.

We encourage our students to develop a positive, motivated, enthusiastic and forward looking attitude. They are expected to participate in extra-curricular activities and to cultivate their awareness of social responsibilities. We also believe that an international perspective with understanding of different cultures will strongly contribute to students’ development and future career potential. Vatel’s Marco Polo program gives the platform to strengthen this aspect. Upon graduation, students will be not only competent professionals but also effective communicators, good team players and critical thinkers.

Building upon the legacy of the leaders before me, now more than ever, we will focus on student success, the cornerstone of Om Sterling Global University. We’ll forge intimate industry relationships to amplify resources for the students, while we strengthen the existing relationships that make us unique and set us apart.

I embrace this responsibility and will devote all my time and energy to preparing and educating those who will lead us in the future.

Programmes Offered

DHM (Diploma in Hotel Management)

This is the diploma that will provide the students with a basic knowledge of the industry and the chronology of how it all works. One can acquire specialization through the higher degrees.

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B.Sc. (Hotel Management)

A B. Sc in Hotel Management will prepare the students for administrative duties that takes place in hotels. Almost all the aspects of the operations in a hotel are covered under this programme.

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Bachelor of Hotel Management

Adding to the administrative development of the pupil, this program also guides the students in various aspects in hospitality sector, A hotel are the skills that are developed under this program.

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M.Sc. Hotel Management

A Master degree course that brings together leading professional perspectives & inter-cultural experiences
A “learning by doing” program to develop your professional skills, network & career

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Masters in Tourism Management

A Master in Tourism Management outfits students with essential knowledge such as developing entrepreneurial ventures, increasing revenue, championing sustainability, and managing natural and human resources. Program participants will also learn about the basic building blocks of tourism, including universal themes like management.

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How to Apply

The process for application is not quite complicated. If you are unsure of the program that will be suitable for you, you can book a free session for tele-counselling; or if you have to enquire about the admissions, you can fill out the enquiry form; else, you can even submit your application for your desired program online.


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