School Of Yoga & Naturopathy Lab

  1. Lab Yoga Practice Lab: Yoga practice aims at transforming the heart and mind of the practitioner. But how can this practice produce such a transformation? And what does this transformation consist of? So, School of Yoga and Naturopathy deals with all these questions and to offer both practical explorations and physical & mental effects of yoga practice.
  2. Lab Psychophysical Lab: The psychophysical lab, as a means of observing, studying and developing the relations between mental and physical aspects of human nature through yoga practice; and an attempt to show how yoga practice can foster the mutual development of our mental and physical faculties. The School of Yoga & Naturopathy offering a comprehensive framework – both practical and theoretical – for investigating and developing our nature as psychophysical unities.
  3. Lab Computer Lab: School of Yoga & Naturopathy having well equipped computer lab for applications of various activities such as Microsoft office, excel, Power point presentations, to prepare research reports, for creating yoga charts, to do research, for making assignment, for learn online, for making notes, using statistical tools and software for data analysis.
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