School Of Fine Arts & Architecture Lab

  1. Lab CAD lab: A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the civil engineering students. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of civil engineering drawings using the latest version of AutoCAD software.
  2. Lab Building Materials & Construction: Carpentry Lab contains a full suite of equipment and assembly space for collaborative design prototyping with wood, plastic and foams. The lab provides users with improved tools, increased visibility, and centralized dust-collection infrastructure. The infrastructure is a demonstration of OSGU’s safety-first attitude and commitment to hands-on education.
  3. Lab Model Making & Carpentry Workshop: A state of the art Construction Lab is established to display & demonstrate various kinds of building materials and their properties with the objective of enabling material exposure and construction techniques for the students of architecture with in the campus.
    The lab helps to create a better know- about various building components and their application in conjunction with the building. The students are taught various building materials & their applications, specifications, construction techniques through Hands-on exercises.
  4. Lab Survey Lab: Our Survey Lab contain all the surveying and leveling Equipments. Labs are equipped with state of the art equipments like Total Station and Theodolite. Students perform Plane Table surveying, Chain surveying, Tape surveying, Leveling, Contour plotting etc. in Lab
  5. Lab Material Testing & Museum Lab: School of Architecture & Fine Arts, OSGU maintains a large and comprehensive material collection in its campus, where the students can explore, be inspired and gain in-depth knowledge of material characteristics and construction techniques. The collection strives to the reflective of current building and design market and has particular focus on smart, Innovative, emerging and sustainable materials and technologies.
  6. Lab Climatology/ Energy Studies/ Acoustic Lab: The lab is equipped with modern equipment/ instruments to carry out research works in the field of building sciences, by the PG students and Ph.D. scholars throughout the year. UG students are given hands-on practical use of these instruments for effective learning of their concerned subjects. The lab is being upgraded regularly by adding latest equipment which is needed to carry out academic and research activities.
  7. Lab Fine Art Labs: Students are exposed to different mediums and techniques for visual expression such as the print media, computer aided design and media, films and animation. They understand the theory and its multiple constituents and are provided with the opportunity to explore the potential of the creative media.
  8. Lab Sculpture Lab : The Sculpture Lab provides equipment and facilities to support students and faculty working with ceramics and pottery. In this Sculptural Lab students will learn about 3D artists, and examine the ways in which they have created unique structures from many materials. Taking inspiration from sculptural artists from all over the world, students will form, shape, mold and build their own unique 3D creations.
  9. Lab Painting Lab: Painting Lab has created a very special art class. The environment is stimulating, but very relaxed, and ensures that students are totally free to express themselves in a wide variety of mediums. The Painting Lab is a place where students can think creatively & without the distractions of daily life.
  10. Lab Applied Arts Lab: Applied Arts Lab provides dedicated spaces for various disciplines including art, design, graphics, and packaging. Where creativity meets technology. The Applied Arts Lab is devoted to creative excellence.
  11. Lab Graphics Lab : The Printmaking Lab supports work in traditional and new technology print processes including relief, photo-based lithography, intaglio, monotype, screen-printing. Equipment includes one lithography press, one intaglio press, screen-printing.
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