Pro Chancellor’s Message

Dr. Punam Goyal

Pro Chancellor (The Futurist)

We empower you with requisite skills to enhance your employability, confidence to explore new opportunities and confront challenges in the emerging future. We have developed a collaborative environment conducive to learning, exposure to the best international practices and promotion of innovation and creativity that has enabled the University to be recognized as a premier centre of higher learning.

Om Sterling Global University is not only the place of regular routine type of study, it is also moulded with variety of combinations like indoor and outdoor games, sports, debates, discussions, seminars, performances & developing all other human qualities with the highest endeavour of our renowned qualified faculty, who are the milestones in the field of education and are pursuing the world standard syllabi for the students.
Education is a rope that can carry us upon the path of Greatness. Educated citizen means educated nation which gives result to a Global Accomplishment. We foster quality education which not only imparts knowledge but also inculcates positive human values viz. honesty, fidelity, truthfulness, respect, compassion, humility, care and responsibility. I firmly believe that Ability is what one is capable of doing; Motivation determines what one does and Attitude determines how he will do, fervently want to steer up my blooming buds so that your Ability will be illustrated by their performance; your Motivation will be your Gurus and your Attitude is being justified by your spectacular and awe-inspiring performance all over the globe. All the loving students are our kingpin; here they are helped financially at all levels of education. We nourish them with our kindness and love. The campus is in the lap of nature. They enjoy the enriched library, hygienic cafeteria, world class sports facilities etc. The university is ever ready for the students to learn and innovate new dimensions. Our University opens up vistas of incredible academic world in disseminating quality education in pursuit of excellence. The University is relentlessly grooming the buds with the professional soft skills and is the architect of the innovators who will lead in all walks of life. I welcome all my students to this erudite family of Om Sterling Global University where they can shape up their character and career.

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