OSGU National Youth Parliament 2022


The prime responsibility of any University is to create, promote and nourish its students who are the world class leaders in the making. Om Sterling Global University takes immense pleasure and pride in organizing OSGU National Youth Parliament 2022 on 16th July, 2022. We aim to create a platform for the students where they are able to express their ideas, get challenged to develop new ideas for human nourishment and the betterment of the country. Parliament is the supreme, sincere and responsible law-making body of the country. Therefore, through this programme OSGU aims at creating atmosphere for the youngsters to be world class leaders and proactive citizen.


Dr. Kiran Bedi

Dr. Kiran Bedi has been India’s first and highest woman ranking officer having joined the Indian Police Service in 1972. She is former Lieutenant Governor of the union territory of Puducherry. Dr. Bedi took to politics after retiring from Indian Police Service (IPS) in 2007. During her stint in the IPS, she had served in the position of the Director General at the Bureau of Police Research and Development. Dr. Bedi is also noted for her role as a social activist. The winner of the Magsaysay Award in 1994, Dr. Kiran Bedi has been one of the active members of the Anna Hazare-led civil society that launched a movement for the enactment of a strong anti-corruption law, the Jan Lokpal Bill. Her expertise includes more than 35 years of creative and reformative policing and prison management.

Dr. Kiran Bedi was born in Amritsar, Punjab on June 9, 1949 to Prakash Lal Peshawaria and Prem Lata Peshawaria. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English (Hons) from Amritsar’s Government College for Women in 1968. She completed her Masters in Political Science in 1970 from Panjab University and was a topper in her class. Dr. Kiran Bedi did not start her career as a cop, but as a lecturer of Political Science at the Khalsa College for Women in Amritsar in 1970. After two years of her teaching career, she cleared the Civil Services examination and became an IPS officer. This made her the first woman in India to join the services.

She earned her degree in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in 1998 while in service as the Director General of Police. Subsequently, she went on to obtain a doctorate from the Department of Social Science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi in 1993.

Serving in difficult assignments ranging from New Delhi traffic postings, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mizoram, Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of Chandigarh, Director General of Narcotics control bureau to a United Nations delegation where she became the Civilian Police Advisor in United Nations Peace keeping operations, she was awarded a UN medal.

Also known by the name ‘Crane Bedi’ for towing Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for parking violation, she showed her dedication to her profession. During her period as the Inspector General of Prisons, in Tihar Jail, she made a number of reforms in the management of the prison.

Some of the programs that she initiated include detoxification programs, Art of Living Foundation Prison Courses, Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Murat redressing of complaints by prisoners and literacy programs and she won the 1994 Ramon Magsaysay Award and the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship to write about her work in Tihar jail.

She is an author of several books, the latest being “Fearless Governance”. Her book “Fearless Governance” based on ground realities as she saw in serving as the Lt Governor of Puducherry was launched by Indra Nooyi and Prof Debashish Chatterjee. They called it a “Blue print for Good  Governance”.

She worked with the United Nations in New York as the Police Advisor to the Secretary General and in the Department of Peace Keeping Operations. She represented India in international forums on crime prevention, drug abuse, police, prison reform and women’s issues. She has addressed audiences at the American, British, European, Indian universities, corporate and civil society groups.

Dr. Bedi is the founder of two NGOs, Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation, which reach out to thousands of under -served children, women and men in the areas of education, vocational skills, environment, counselling, and health care to the urban and rural poor, including prisoners and policemen’s children. Currently her NGOs are running community colleges, registered with Indira Gandhi National Open University, to provide vocational and soft skills to Indian youth.

How to Register:

You can register for the event through the following link: Click Now

  • There is no bar on the number of registrations from a particular School/Institute/College/Academy/Coaching Centre etc. can send.
  • Participation is free of cost.

Who can participate:

  • Any student pursuing 12th grade and above, having less than 21 years of age can participate.
  • It is mandatory to carry your government ID proof (Aadhar Card/Driving License etc.) or School ID while coming to university for semi-final/final.

General Rules & Regulation

Who can participate:

  • Any student pursuing 12th grade and above, having less than 21 years of age can participate.
  • It is mandatory to carry your government ID proof (Aadhar Card/Driving License etc.) or School ID while coming to university for semi-final/final.


OSGU National Youth Parliament 2022 will be held in three rounds:

I) PRELIM ROUND (online)


III) FINAL (At OSGU campus)

  • This is a competition-based event to be judged based on the individual performance.
  • The Prelim round will be an online video submission round (details given as under) while the semi-final and the final will be at the OSGU campus.
  • In the competition, participants shall act as Members of Parliament (MPs) and speak either on behalf of the GOVERNMENT or the OPPOSITION.
  • A participant acting as a government representative, favors the proposal and a participant acting as an opposition representative, opposes the proposal.
  • Participants may represent themselves in either English or Hindi depending on their level of
  • Use of hate speech, offensive, vulgar or abusive language will result in immediate disqualification and penalties.
  • The Judgment will solely be based on the following criteria:
  1. Content, Facts & Figures,
  2. Pronunciation, Leadership skill
  3. Command on the language,
  4. Oratory skills and overall impact
  • The decision of the judges will be final by all means. All Jurisdictions will be at Hisar, Haryana.
  • Participants are required to ‘put on’ formals or uniform of their respective school/institution.
  • Please save the contact number of youth parliament event, i.e. 8222888099 in your mobile’s contact list so that the messages of the organizer shall be received by you.

Details Of The Round

OSGU National Youth Parliament 2022 will be held in three rounds:

I) ONLINE ROUND                  II)SEMI-FINAL ROUND (At OSGU campus)                 III) FINAL ROUND (At OSGU campus)

Prelim Round (Online)

  • Participants are expected to record a relevant video of 90 seconds of their choice of Bill (either in support or against) and upload it on YouTube latest by 21st June, 2022 and then share the URL here :  Click Here
  • Jury will screen participants for the next level (semi-final) based on the above requisite videos.

Please note:

  • While uploading the YouTube video, the description of video should mention your name, name of the school/college/institution/Academy etc. and topic of your video.
  • In the start of video, your introduction of 15 seconds must be included.
  • The video must be in one take, without any cuts, editing or graphics.
  • In case of any doubt on the originality of the video, the university reserves all the rights to disqualify your candidature without any information to you.


  • The Semi-Final will be held at Om Sterling Global University, Hisar (Haryana).
  • There will be multiple sessions in the Semi-Final.
  • The selected 300 participants from prelim round shall be divided into separate groups (No. of sessions/participants may vary based upon the total number of participants).
  • Every group will be subdivided into two further groups. Out of which one group shall represent as MPs of the government and the other will represent the opposition party.
  • Bills (Topics of the Semi-Final) for each session will be announced to the selected participants on the designated day as per the schedule.
  • In this round, each participant will be given 3 minutes to talk about the given Bill.


  • The Final will also be held at Om Sterling Global University, Hisar (Haryana).
  • The final will be conducted in two sessions.
  • 60 participants who are shortlisted for the Final will be divided into two separate groups.
  • Further,each group shall be divided into two subgroups: one shall represent the MPs of the Government and the other shall be representing MPs of the Opposition.
  • The topics of the final will be announced to the selected participantson the designated day as per the schedule.
  • Under this, each participant will be given 3 minutes to talk about a given Bill.
  • Winners will be announced on conclusion and shall be rewarded during valedictory session.


Activity Dates Mode Approximate participants
Last Date of Registration June 21, 2022 Online

Prelim Round (online)

Last date for sharing the video by participants

June 21, 2022 Online Individual round (1000* or more participants)
Rehearsal July 14, 2022 At OSGU Campus
Semi Final July 15, 2022 At OSGU Campus Multiple sessions (300* participants)
Final  July 16, 2022 At OSGU Campus Two separate sessions (60* participants)

Note: Number of participants can vary as per the total no. of participants.

If you need support in uploading your video on youtube for Prelim Round, Please see the below mentioned video or pdf:

For PDF: Click Here

Feel free to call us for any queries:


Download Brochure

Information Brochure

Download Poster

Event Poster


Best Speaker


Second Best Speaker


Consolation Prizes

for all the finalist


  • E-certificates to all the participants of the prelim round.
  • All the participants qualifying for semi-final round shall be awarded with certificates with mention of their participation in the semi-final round.
  • Best speaker and 2nd Best speaker amongst all the finalist shall be awarded special cash prizes along with certificates of merit.
  • All the participants who will successfully compete in the final round shall be awarded with certificates along with consolation prizes.


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