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To keep the society updated and on track, Journalism & Mass Communication are essential. The School of Journalism & Mass Communication that operates under OSGU gives rise to such individuals that are determined for the field. It is also one of the best media & mass communication colleges in India.

There are multiple programs that are introduced by the school which aim at preparing the students for their professional success. The faculty is experienced and well-trained in the field who make sure that the students get the knowledge and training that they need and deserve.

The students are also prepared with communication and leadership skills for them to succeed in their career and possess confidence to do so. Various activities are taken place in and outside the campus which give the students a great exposure.

Key Highlights

There are several reasons why the School of Journalism & Mass Communication is an ideal school for the students. A few reasons are listed as follows:

  • The key concepts, issues and debates that relate to journalism, media and mass communications in a global context are used always to cater the need of local world.
  • The school of media & mass communication uses a range of critical approaches to understanding news, news technologies and news stories
  • We believe and admit the role of media in communicating information, globally hence all the practices are adopted that matches the international standards.
  • The school organizes debates about the role of the media in the formation of collective identity, especially across nations regularly in order to update itself with the contemporary changes.
  • The dynamics and context of global news flows and foreign and transnational news coverage
  • The conditions are always provided to our students to find out the impact of technology and the Internet on the practice of journalism in different regions of the world.

Dean's Message

Dear Students,

Until reaching to year 2023, many things have been changed in every sphere of knowledge. Journalism & Mass Communication has also witnessed a rapid changing role in the modern society. Keeping up to new challenges and requirements is always a passionate pursuit at Commits. In order to cater the need of the society, we have started various courses in the field of Journalism & Mass Communication.

At Om Sterling Global University, we believe that education is fundamentally a learning experience along with a great matter for getting placed in reputed organizations. To cater it, our two strong pillers i.e. our faculty and students have always been a matter of strength for us. Our focus is always on mentoring in addition to learning. We lay special emphasis on reading and writing skills which are the most crucial elements for the media & mass communication related courses. Our learning and evaluation methods are practical, through internships, live projects and intense capacity-building activities, and are not always traditional offline exam-based evaluations. Our students are always inculcated with high level of knowledge, involvement and professionalism in everything they do. Their Personal and professional persuasion is given the highest priority here.

In future we are oriented towards establishing a film school and a media lab for communication research. Our future endeavors are directed towards the fulfillment of all the societal problems and need related to the field of media and modern journalism.

With this, I invite all the aspirants of Journalism & Mass Communication field to visit our campus for admission related enquiries.
Best wishes.

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)

This undergraduate course, BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, is one of the most common programs available in the field. It deals with providing the aspiring journalists with a basic knowledge of the area.

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Masters of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)

MA in Journalism and Mass Communication is a post graduate course that will give the students a deeper and better understanding of the field and how the journalism industry operates. This course basically makes the candidates well-versed journalists.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

The Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGDJMC) is a program that deals with preparing the students for professional journalism. The program includes understanding of ways to research and bring news for the public.

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How to Apply

The process for application is not quite complicated. If you are unsure of the program that will be suitable for you, you can book a free session for tele-counselling; or if you have to enquire about the admissions, you can fill out the enquiry form; else, you can even submit your application for your desired program online.


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