Land of Fun, Food and Frolic

While studying …….students often get so Hungry Tired that Food Rest cannot appear to them except in the form of CANTEEN and OSGU Hisar provides its students, staff and faculty with an amazing café experience in the university campus with its well maintained and well equipped Cafeteria. The cafeteria is not just a food joint but a place to relax, interact, rejuvenate and take a refuge from the daily hectic schedule!!!

The cafeteria is very spacious in order to accommodate large number of students and also have comfortable sitting arrangement. The whole ambience of the cafeteria is so soothing and delightful that it tempts you to come here again and again.

Variety of Food Items

The cafeteria has a number of food counters providing with a variety of food items to choose from!  A well-organized “coupon” system is followed in the cafeteria in which a coupon is bought from the main counter and this coupon is used to get the desired food item.

Price and Quality ControlThe prices of the food items are fixed by the college authorities and are easily affordable by the students. The quality of food items is regularly monitored by the university top authorities

Emphasis on Cleanliness and Hygiene

Proper cleanliness and hygiene is maintained both by the cooking & cleaning teams.  Keeping in view the importance of a healthy diet, the cafeterias serve good quality nutritious food with a healthy touch. Green vegetable pasta, cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit juice and salad are some healthy options. For those who crave for handsome dishes the college serves samosas, bread and curry, colas, chips, milk shakes, cold-coffee, ice-cream, chocolates, patties…etc. The specialty of the cafeterias is its tea and coffee which are totally addicting. College cafeterias are good enough for students to avoid purchases from shops outside the college.

Complaints and Suggestions are Welcome

The University believe that improvement is a continuous process. Complaints and suggestions if any are always welcome from the students for the improvement in services. For this the students can contact the Dean Student Welfare directly.

OSGU follows the mantra of “fun-learning” which is why it promotes studying along with great café experience!!!!!

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