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Knowledge of Law is essential in every walk of life because the social setup of any country is built & regulated by some norms of behavior from the very beginning of social life which are either codified in legislative enactment or judicial precedents or social customs. Every action of an individual society, any association or organization is regulated & controlled by several kinds of legislation. Every resident of a nation is bound to have the knowledge of the law of the land because the latin maxim speaks-

Ignorantia legas non excusat (ignorance of law is no excuse) imparting legal education by educational institutions is an attempt to this end.


School of Legal Studies (SLS) is an important constituent unit of OSGU.

Study of law provides a professional qualification in the field of law. A person who has obtained a degree in law has wide prospects of career viz-

  • Advocate – From lower court to the Apex court.
  • Legal Advisior – In private & corporations.
  • Legal Assistants – A cadre in the government to deal with legal cases against the government.
  • Public Prosecutor – A cadre to plead criminal cases in the various courts on behalf of the government.
  • Judicial Services – Through compitition (H.J.S. ; D.J.S. ; R.J.S. etc) for all states.

Law may be opted as an optional paper in competitive exams- like IAS , IPs , IFS , RAS , HCS , PCS etc.

Legal education gives immense value to the law graduates for various fields.


To Provide Outstanding/ Exemplary Learning Experience for Excellence in Legal Education, and have a transformative impact on Society through continual innovation in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship.


  • To provide affordable education to the society in all walks of life.
  • To create faster and sustain on conducive environment of Research and education based on Values of Social Justice and excellence so as to prepare students for their Academic, Professional and Personal persuits.
  • To provide modern teaching techniques with emphasis on developing value based ethical career orientation.
  • To carry out cutting-edge research and development for the benefit of society.
  • To produce skilled and competent manpower with commitment to societal needs.
  • To develop employability and entrepreneurship of stakeholders.


The School of Legal Studies has following facilities for legal education and research:
  • Rich Library Text-books, Reference-books, Journals, All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, Criminal Law Journals, Journal of Indian Law Institute, Indian Bar Review, Annual Survey of Indian Law and other academic journals and Periodicals
  • MOOT Court
  • Qualified Faculty
moot court

Core Values

Academic Excellence

School of Legal Studies understands and values the importance of Quality Education in shaping the future of our Nation and therefore is determined to create an environment where the academic excellence flourishes to its fullest.

Global and Quality Education

School of Legal Studies is determined to spread  quality education throughout the world and hence facilitates students from world over.

Integrity & Ethics

No society or Nation can progress without integrity of character and high moral ethics. School of Legal Studies therefore pays utmost attention in instilling these two core-values in its students and staff.

Social Responsibility

A University should be a reflection of the society where it is situated. School of Legal Studies understands and acknowledges its social responsibility and therefore endeavors to take measures that can benefit society as a whole.

Environmental Responsibility

To create a cleaner and safer environment for all remains as one of the most important aspects of the core philosophy of the School of Legal Studies.

Functional Transparency

In order to maximize the involvement and participation of its staff and students in the School of Legal Studies goals and achieving mission. School of Legal Studies, OSGU, Hisar follows a policy of functional transparency in its operations.

Gender Equality

Gender bias remains as one of the gross root problems that has time and again hampered India’s progress. School of Legal Studies, OSGU, Hisar  is therefore determined to give its due contribution in eliminating Gender bias from India.


Keeping consistent with the diverse cultural background of India, the University facilitates quality education to all sectors of the society. Inter-disciplinary approach: Most of the world changing discoveries happens at the inter-phases where two disciplines meet. School of Legal Studies , OSGU, Hisar therefore promotes and patronizes interdisciplinary approach as a core value.
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Dean school of legal studies

Dean's Message

Welcome all students…

You may get a lot of Universities around you but in Hisar it is one of the best university within your reach. Firstly, I personally thankful for choosing us, and secondly I ensure you that the faith and belief you have shown in us and the responsibilities you put on our shoulder, will certainly be executed with complete dedication with moral and ethical values.

Of course, it the tough time throughout the world regarding employment and employability, but nothing is impossible and it is within our reach and I can assure you all students that we will not left any stone unturned in achieving your target.

We will together make all impossible to possible.

The school of legal studies is being planned to evolve as a world class system with highly qualified faculty, well equipped library, meticulously designed e-learning system and latest learning methods based on best ideas of design and discovery and user interface technologies. The academic programme is backed with moot court trainings, legal-aid programmes, court visits, internships, workshops and guest lectures by specialists of multi-disciplinary fields. The dynamics of our legal education programme is comparable to the best of the legal education standards of the world.

A well-known phrase is “Action speaks louder than words… but results speak more loudly than action”.

We together will create new history and mile stone in the field of education, innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Best of luck to my all dear students.

Dr. Dharamvir Singh Sirohi
Dean (School of Legal Studies)

OSGU Scholarship

50% Tution Fee

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.

% marks Scholarship (%)
90.1 and above 100
80.01 – 90.00 75
70.01 – 80.00 50
60.01 – 70.00 25

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.

% marks Scholarship (%)
90.01 and above 100
80.01 – 90.00 75
70.01 – 80.00 50
60.01 – 70.00 25

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.