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India is known as a nation of multi-religion and diverse culture. Not only this but also our higher education system has been placed as the 3rd largest in the world. The Indian universities are always a step ahead in offering courses related to diverse field. Due to higher standards of quality teaching and learning, many of Indian higher education institutions are in the top 100 Asian Universities as per QS and The World University rankings. Not only are these but niche courses in the field of Yoga, Ayurveda or Buddhism also in the top courses that are being demanded worldwide.India is heading towards a rising economic power with a rapidly growing diverse economy, the Indian economy is ranked sixth in the world is also world’s second largest democracy. Home to some fortune 500 companies such as Indian Oil, Reliance Industries and State Bank of India (SBI), it also has start-ups such as Flipkart, Ola and PayTM which are disrupting norms to create and innovate and adding to India’s incredible growth story in the world stage. Not only this, but also most of the higher education in India is delivered in English language which fosters ease of communication. All above discussion hence make India as a lucrative destination for pursuing higher education.

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The process of taking admission at Om Sterling Global University is so simple and takes very little time. Please read the general guidelines prior to start the admission process at OSGU. The admission can either be taken in offline or online mode. The steps of both the modes are as follows:


We Are International 2

We Are International

Om Sterling Global University offers scholarships to deserving and academically excellent students coming from different countries.


Comprehensive Learning Experience

A comprehensive learning platform with a specific commitment towards ensuring the overall, professional, global, cultural, creative and innovative growth of the students beyond the academics.

Students of Manipur

Culturally Diverse Atmosphere

A culturally global atmosphere with over 1,200 international students from over 50 different countries and 4 different continents including Africa, Europe, Gulf and South East Asia.

Programmes Offered

OM Sterling Global University offers students a valuable academic experience in a collaborative and supportive environment. At OSGU, you find endless opportunities to discover your abilities, talents and inspirations .


Engineering and Technology

This school has demonstrated its excellence in research, through a combination of strong academic and research activities.
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Commerce and Management

This school is reflected in its expansion as well as novelty in its academic programmes.
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Architecture & Planning

Architecture & Planning

This school will enable you to learning the core skills required for an Architect and Architectural Design.
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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing, dispensing, and reviewing drugs and providing additional clinical services.
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Legal Studies

Knowledge of Law is essential in every walk of life because the social setup of any country is built & regulated by some norms…
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Applied Sciences

With this new era of technology and means, we work in different verticals to communicate for every need…
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AGRICULTURE is an oldest and first practice done by people for their survival. More than one -third population..
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Social Sciences and Humanities

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the major schools in the fields of study and research, contributing…
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Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences (SHS) has been successfully running Undergraduate, Postgraduate in Physiotherap…
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Hospitality Management

The School of Hospitality Management is one of the major schools in the fields of study and research, contributing to…
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School of Yoga and Naturopathy in Haryana, India - OSGU

Yoga and Naturopathy

School of Yoga & Naturopathy (SYN), Om sterling global university has a distinguished system of pedagogy where the eminent…
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Fine Art

Fine Arts

This school will enable you to learning the core skills required for an Fine Arts.
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Media & Mass Communication

Media & Mass Communication

With this new era of technology and means, we work in different verticals to communicate for every need…
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School of Vocational Studies

Vocational Studies

The School will develop courses that encourage vertical mobility of Vocational Education and Training.
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School of Teacher Education in Hisar, Haryana - OSGU

Teacher Education

Teacher Education in India through quality interventions in the form of academic programmes, rigorous researches, field studies, innovative projects and other educational activities
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Institute of Hotel Management Hisar

Institute of Hotel Management

OSGU, IHM Hisar motivate students to learn holistically through research, field trips, surveys, real-time practice with frequent industry visits
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Culturally Global University

Om Sterling Global University sure has earned fame and respect in India but it also has its reach outside the country. OSGU has introduced such programs that have a global significance. And thanks to our tie-ups with various international universities, we have been able to render the students with education of utmost quality. This has also facilitated various other programs such as Students Exchange and Twinning Programs.

We Are International









How to Apply

The process for application is not quite complicated. If you are unsure of the program that will be suitable for you, you can book a free session for tele-counselling; or if you have to enquire about the admissions, you can fill out the enquiry form; else, you can even submit your application for your desired program online.

OSGU Scholarship

OSGU International Students Scholarship

Om Sterling Global University offers scholarships to deserving and academically excellent students coming from different countries. The scholarship schemes are so designed to help the students to overcome from any financial difficulty coming in the way of their studies.

The University provides merit based scholarships and continuation of scholarship is as per the terms and conditions of the University i.e. regularity in attendance, progress, good character and conduct. To check your eligibility, please complete the 2nd step of Application form and attach your transcripts.

Help and Support

Naturally, you are at the heart of all we do, so were always looking at ways to help you get the most out of campus life. Independence is something you are no doubt looking forward to, but rest assured we are there should you need us. Our support package is probably one of the best in India – from the minute you walk through the door to the day you leave, and beyond, we are there for you. Our support comes in all shapes and sizes – from help with personal issues to finding jobs and many more. 

The International Relations Division

We have a dedicated ‘Help Desk for student services and information on our campus. This division enables students to tap in to resources and help from student registration, student welfare, accommodation and student support.

Student Service

Om Sterling Global University – OSGU provides complimentary pick up to its new international students, interested students  Provide the information/details to admission team at least one week before the date of arrival in India.

The facility is available from following Airports up to 20th July 2021:-

Location Airport Name Distance from OSGU Travel time to campus by road (Approx.)
New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport 170 km 3 Hours
Chandigarh Chandigarh Airport 220 km 4 Hours
Hisar Hisar International Airport 7 km 10 Minutes

Terms and Condition for availing complimentary pickup facility

  • The Complimentary pick up is the additional facility provided by the university and students cannot claim it as their rights.
  • The student has to fill the details on the application portal at least 1week before the date of arrival in India.
  • The pickup facility would be provided in case students are coming in groups and in case of smaller groups, the pickup may be denied. In such cases, the student would be informed within 72 hours of their arrival in India. In such cases, students will have to arrange the transports themselves and approximate cost and option of travel can be checked from the OSGU Website It is suggested that you should provide correct contact details on the form.
  • The complimentary Pickup service facility is only for new students of July/ August 2021 Batch.
  • In case of any person accompanying that will not be considered under the complimentary pickup service and has to bear the cost.
  • In case of any family member is accompanying the student, the transport cost for that member has to be borne separately by the student.
  • The pickup service will be in morning/ day time, book your tickets accordingly.
  • In case of any delay/ schedule change/cancellation of flight, inform the university at least 24 hours before your travel to India.

For any further information, please refer the OSGU Wesite
For any further inquiry, please contact: –
Division of International Affairs
Om Sterling Global University
NH-52, Hisar-Chandigarh Road, Hisar,
Haryana, (India) – 125001
Email: –
WhatsApp: – +91 8607 899 999, +91 8255 099 999

The following points will give you a quick preview of what all should be taken care of before you look forward to depart their home country:

  • Ensure that you obtain visa from Indian Embassy/ High Commission.
  • Also assure that you meet Medical fitness standard before you leave your country.
  • Also ensure that you have taken all the required vaccinations (Typhoid Vaccine, Hepatitis Vaccine), to avoid medical complications while you are in India(though it is not mandatory).
  • If there are certain medicines that you are supposed to consume due to any medical reason prescribed by a doctor please carry them along. It is also suggested to carry the prescription of that medicine for any further reference.
  • Request and register with the University International Office for the pick service from the Airport at least two weeks prior to arrival and provide the complete details of flight.
  • Also ensure that you bring the letter of admission issued by the University.
  • Make sure that you carry the originals, copies of your certificates/degrees and 10 passport size photographs.
  • Ensure that your fee has been received by the University and you should carry the fee receipt.
  • You can carry all your money in form of Travellers Cheques, which can be easily redeemed at the airport as well as a number of foreign exchange offices and banks.
  • Keep all the valuables, important documents (Passport, Visa papers) in the Cabin baggage, to avoid the possibility of their getting misplaced during transit.
  • Keep all the contact phone numbers handy in case of need.
  • Temperature ranges between 35 – 45 degree Celsius during summers and 5 – 20 degree Celsius during winters. Here the winter season starts around October or November so the warm material (blankets, quilts, woolens, etc) must be brought accordingly.
  • Whilst everything is available in India, however try to get all that you would require during the initial few days. All the essentials can be availed from the University tuck shops.
  • The electric standard in India works on 240 V. So, ensure that you have an adapter for your mobile or laptop if it operates on a different voltage in your country. Also the electric sockets are 2 or 3 pin so ensure that you carry a converter in case required.

The following material should not be brought:

  • Multimedia Mobiles
  • Iron
  • Camera
  • VCR
  • Kettle
  • Other Electrical Appliances

On your arrival in India, there are certain points that you should keep in mind.

Customs Formalities: Foreign students in India are generally required to make an oral baggage declaration of the possession of baggage and foreign currency as soon as they land in India.
Under this they are also required to obtain the Currency Declaration Form from the Customs. The students should also fill in the Disembarkation Card (Arrival card) handed over to them by the airline during the course of the flight.

There are two channels for clearance:

  1. Green Channel: For passengers not in possession of any dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage.
  2. Red Channel: For passengers in possession of dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage or high value articles. High value articles are to be entered on the tourist Baggage Re-Export Form.

OSGU arranges for pick-up facility for the international students in group of minimum 8 students from Delhi or Amritsar Airport on the designated dates. To avail this facility a student must request and register for the service at least two weeks prior to arrival and provide the complete details of flight. Also pick-up facility is offered to all international students from the Hisar railway station or bus terminals, for which prior information and registration is mandatory.

Once an international student is settled, he/she should complete the following formalities and paperwork:

Registration All international students must register themselves with the International Office of OSGU
Admission Formalities The International Office of the University should be contacted to take care of the admission formalities. Medical Examination and HIV Test All international students coming to India for studies need to go through a medical test for HIV. The Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) requires this test as a pre-requisite for obtaining the residence permit form.

Registration with FRRO All International students who have come to study in India need to get themselves in The Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival in India (not applicable in the case of Bhutanese and Nepalese students). The University’s International Office helps and guides the students in the registration.

Graduation is a turning point of every student’s life. Many thoughts related to do’s and don’ts start flourishing in mind. Generally after graduation every student has two options :

  1. Pursuing further studies (Post Graduation or Masters Degree)
  2. Grabbing a Job

Pursuing Further Studies (Post Graduation or Masters Degree)

If a student wishes to pursue further studies he/she can choose any field (preferably most compatible field to graduation level of  study) from a wide range of programmes/courses offered by LPU.
For helping international students in this, OSGU offers Counselling Services; and advises them for better options available and provides every type of possible guidance related thereto.

Student Visa Information
International students who wish to study in India should obtain a Student Visa before travelling to India. Once the student has been issued a provisional eligibility letter to study at Om Sterling Global University, he/she should immediately apply for  Student Visa. He/she should apply for a student visa before coming to India by contacting the Indian Mission in his/her home country. The Indian Mission will be able to tell the average turnaround time for a visa application.

As a part of the application process for a Student Visa, a student would be required to produce a Provisional Eligibility Letter from the University as a proof f his/her eligibility.

Note: International students should make sure that the Student Visa is endorsed to Lovely Professional University by the visa issuing authority.

For more information please contact the Indian mission in your home country.

Click Here for information on Visa Extension and Other Indian Immigration services:

Grabbing a Job

If a student wishes to pursue further studies he/she can choose any field (preferably most compatible field to graduation level of  study) from a wide range of programmes/courses offered by OSGU.
Attaining a job after graduation is a dream of every student. If an international student wishes to work after graduation, OSGU helps him/her find a job through career counselling and guidance. OSGU graduates are highly regarded among employers worldwide. So whether an international student prefers to stay in the India or go back to home country, he/she will get many job opportunities.

The following support and services are provided to the students to help them find jobs:

  1. Resume Writing and Development
  2. Career Counselling
  3. References and Recommendations
  4. Information about suitable companies available to work with
  5. Information about upcoming Placement Drives, Job Openings, Interview Schedules, Online application for jobs and form filling
  6. Personality development lectures, seminars and workshops and many more services

Visa Extension on Employment Click here to view details

If you are returning to your home country, you should start making the arrangements as early as possible. Remember that in your last months in OSGU, examinations or finishing other work will take up a large part of your time, so planning for your departure should begin early.

Following are some practical things to be taken care of:

To get the cheapest tickets, you have to book early, at least several weeks in advance. You can often find very cheap tickets on the Internet, on the websites of either travel companies or the airlines themselves.

Sending your belongings home
If you have been in the India for a long time, you probably have more things now that you could carry on a plane or other form of transport. Check with the travel agent or airline about weight or size limits for luggage. Paying for excess luggage on the plane can be very expensive. Sending it by ship or by rail is often cheaper, but be careful to choose a company which has a good reputation and is reliable. Check if the price includes insurance to cover any loss or breakages. If you have items you do not need or do not want to take home, such as furniture, textbooks, a computer, etc., you could sell these to other students, or in the local dealers; or give them in charity.

Notification of your departure

  • Obtain a No Objection Certificate from the University. The student has to clear all his dues such as residential facility, mess charges, library dues etc. before this certificate is issued.
  • The student should complete the customs’ clearance form (obtaining from the Income Tax Office) after closing his bank account.
  • Obtain a written permission or ’no objection’ to leave India from FRRO in the FRRO registration booklet.
  • Every foreigner who is about to depart finally from India must surrender his Certificate of Registration either to the Registration Officer of the place where he is registered or of the place from where he plans to depart or to the Immigration Officer at the Port / Check post of exit from India.
  • All persons, except nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, leaving by air, road or rail have to fill in an Embarkation Card at the time of departure.

Career considerations
To help you in your professional life back in your home country, it can be very helpful to have references from OSGU, India. At least a month before you leave, contact a few people who can comment on your abilities and your work (such as an academic supervisor or employer) and ask them for a written reference.

What else do I need to think about?
Before you came to the India, you probably expected that you would need time to get used to the language, the different foods, the weather and new ways of doing things. Many students are surprised to find that they also need a period of adjustment when they return to their home country. Although you may think that it will be easy to go back to familiar relationships and patterns of behavior, you may have some difficulty settling back in and need time to adjust.

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    We get hundreds of visitors every year. Here’s a selection from recent years!

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    From Tibet

    Architect Karan Grover

    From Zonal NASA

    Baba Ramdev

    Founder of Patanjali Ayurved

    Mr. Brijendra Singh

    IAS (Retd.), Member of Parliament (LS) Hisar, Haryana

    Mr. Ranbir Singh Gangwa

    Deputy Speaker of the Haryana Legislative Assembly

    Dr. Subhash Chandra

    Former MP, Rajya Sabha and Chairman, ESSEL Group

    Dr. Kamal Gupta

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