The School of ‘Humanities & Social Sciences’ is one of the major schools in the fields of study and research, contributing to the advancement of deep understanding of the human complexities—cultural, political, and economic. The students of the school learn how literature, culture, religion, politics, history and economy have configured the modern world.

The two streams ‘Humanities’ and ‘Social Science’ are often studied together since they complement each other. Humanities include academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture. Social Science is a category of academic disciplines concerned with society and relationships among individuals within a society. While Humanities on one hand, focus on art, music and literature, Social Science on the other hand, centres on archaeology, human relationships, environment, anthropology, economics and politics.

In OSGU, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is involved in teaching and research. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes leading to the award of Master’s and Doctoral degrees. The school empowers young students, thinkers, and citizens with historical and cultural perspectives, as well as with language, critical thinking, and communication skills—to enhance wisdom and enable projects rich in meaning and worth.


The vision of the school of ‘Humanities and Social Sciences‘ at OSGU is to set global standards of excellence in indigenous curriculum, teaching-learning methods, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding, and thereby promote knowledge, skills and values for a just and resilient society.


  • To encourage embodiment of holistic knowledge, critical thinking, and dynamic oral and written communication skills in individuals.
  • To promote study of human society and its manifestation.
  • To help students achieve success in their academic and professional lives.
  • To promote employability skills among students.
  • To promote research and encourage knowledge creation.
  • To create global citizens.


  • The school is committed to achieve the five objectives of Higher Education; Andragogy, Extension, Application, Implementation, Research and Learning.
  • The school offers Graduate, Post-Graduate and Research Programs in English, Hindi, History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science and Library Sciences.
  • The courses have been designed methodically to provide rigorous knowledge of subjects to students as well as to enhance their critical and analytical abilities.
  • The curriculum offered is credit based and in line with premier educational institutions in the sphere of humanities and social studies. It is continuously upgraded to incorporate the innovations and best practices from national and international universities.
  • We also offer courses in communication development and take pride in having attracted students from all around globe to pursue them.
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Incharge's Message

Arts and humanities define who we are as people. It’s the power of this very school that it relates us to our real life, our heritage and culture. The streams of the school acquaint us with ourselves and our surroundings, thus making us complete. The incorporation of the school is indispensable in education at all levels since it stimulates the harmonious all round development of the learners making them competent leaders of tomorrow. Its subjects have the power to remind us of what we each have to offer, and what we all have in common. We can’t deny the importance of the subjects like History, Geography, Sociology, English, Hindi, Political Science, ……..which are the integral parts of our civilization and help us understand our history, analyze and improve our present, and imagine our future.

The calling of the humanities and social sciences is to make us truly human and social in the best sense of the word.   —– J. Irwin Miller

When I ruminate on the above quote, I comprehend the profound impact of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) which unlocks our thinking blocks, opens our eyes, expands the horizon of our insight, and strengthens our conscience, while instigating us to accept boldly without impediments, and give without reluctance.

At OSGU, the school provides all the vital academic programs and creates powerful learning environment to transform students into strong individuals, ready to leave their print on the world. The school unanimously heads towards attaining this goal by incessantly challenging the students’ intellect, instilling faith and the capacity to learn, giving them practical experience and cultivating their spiritual development. Our teachers motivate an independent and innovative thinking. Such an environment not only sharpens the creation of the individual intelligence, but also facilitates an extensive sensitivity towards the world and a capacity to appreciate the social functioning of the world they inhabit.

SHSS, through its wide range of courses, endeavors to provide diverse experiences to its students while cultivating deeper forms of thinking, understanding, imagination, anticipation and empathetic identification with other living-beings and societies. Involving our students in basic processes of comprehending the crucial concepts of History, Political Science, Geography, Language and Literature, Sociology, Economics and Library Science, discussing the theories, practicing critical thinking, and expressing thoughts, we kindle the creative energies and potential of students to enable them to perform their best. Literature creates potential to stimulate imagination and offers different perspectives. History provides the knowledge of the creation of society and evolution of human civilization. Political Science extends the understanding of the complex web of polity which envelops human development. Sociology aids in identifying social issues and bringing them to the forefront. Psychology lets us dwell deep into the psyche of human beings often answering complex questions of the functioning of one’s mind. The study of language enriches us with the varied forms of verbal communication, vocabulary, rhetoric, linguistics, philosophy, culture, history and forms of language, and so on. Economics makes a student gain understanding of the economy and its allied areas giving students the opportunity to develop the diagnostic skills that almost all employer’s value. Geography imparts the knowledge of the surface of the earth, the location and distribution of its physical and cultural features, the aerial outlines of places, and also the interrelation of these features as they influence human population.

Humanities and Social Sciences teach us who we are and what we can be. They lie at the very core of the culture and civilization of which we are a part.

Dr. Vijaya Khatri
Incharge (SHS)
Ph.D. (English)

OSGU Scholarship

50% Tution Fee

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.

% marks Scholarship (%)
90.1 and above 100
80.01 – 90.00 75
70.01 – 80.00 50
60.01 – 70.00 25

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.

% marks Scholarship (%)
90.01 and above 100
80.01 – 90.00 75
70.01 – 80.00 50
60.01 – 70.00 25

*The above mentioned scholarship is applicable to Tuition Fees only.