What is B.Sc Agriculture Degree: Course, Subjects, Fees, Scope, Career, Salary, Admission, Eligibility

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B.Sc Agriculture is a degree course in agriculture and its applications. As India’s economy mainly relies on agriculture, students opting for this course can understand the importance of this course at a professional level. The government has recognized this course as a professional degree course to be studied on a large scale.

B.Sc Agriculture Education is a course to give students general knowledge about agriculture. This course also has many branches related to agriculture and other related subjects such as botany, zoology, soil science, water resources and their management, animal husbandry management, land surveying, etc. The primary aim of this course is to teach students all aspects of agriculture.

Here we will discuss this course, subjects, fees, scope, career, salary, and admission eligibility.

What is B.Sc Agriculture Degree – Overview

The Indian market is very lucrative. India is one of the biggest exporters of major crops around the globe. These crops need to be finely grained and nourished. Since the dimensions of agriculture have been changed, the method of agriculture needs to be changed as well.

The science of agriculture must be adequately studied to match the international market level. This goal can be achieved only with a proper study. A student needs to choose a great institution to have the appropriate research and practical knowledge of Agricultural Science.

If a student has the zeal to learn this science, then Om Sterling Global University is the best institution. First, students need to know whether this course is of their interest or not. There are certain parameters on which this test can be done, which are as under:

  • Agriculture Science is a course in which study about agriculture is taught. If a student is interested in a similar field, they can pursue this course.
  • Must have a thirst to gain knowledge about Agricultural Science.
  • Do you want to do something in this field?
  • Easily adapt to changing environment.
  • Must have extensive problem-solving abilities.

If you find yourself fit on these parameters, then the course in Agricultural Science is the best for you.

B.Sc Agriculture Course Objectives

The course of B.Sc (Hons) in Agricultural Science at Om Sterling Global University has a duration of 4 years. During this duration, the students are taught various nuances of the agricultural sector and its allied sectors.

The agricultural sector in India is huge. It also has multiple allied sectors, such as the transportation sector. The knowledge about these things can only be gained at an institution that matches the international levels.

The students of agricultural science at Om Sterling Global University are taught with practical knowledge. The ideology of OSGU emphasizes practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge.

This course is specifically designed to help the students learn about agriculture and the means to increase the productivity of crops for the benefit of mankind. B.Sc (Hons.) in Agricultural Science also deals with the protection techniques that help crops stay safe in warehouses and help the farmers to grow their income.

The institution aims to produce the best graduates in this field who can help the farmers grow their crops in a different and better way. Various cost-efficient methods are also taught in this course, where the farming of crops can be done in a cost-efficient manner.

B.Sc Agriculture: Course Highlights

The career path is filled with various opportunities after completing B.Sc (Hons.) in Agriculture from Om Sterling Global University, Hisar, Haryana. With the ever-increasing demand for a B.Sc (Hons.) in Agriculture, hundreds of thousands of aspiring students are trying to enroll themselves in top universities like Om Sterling Global University to make their dream come alive of getting placed in a top-notch MNC.


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Course Level : Under graduation

Course Duration : 4 Years

Eligibility : 10+2

Course Fee : Rs. 74, 500

Examination Type : University

Admission Process : Through University Portal

Average Salary After Degree :Rs. 40,000

Recruiting Companies After Degree: Oracle, Hindustan Uniliver, PWC.

The course will help you step up the ladder of success sooner than any other domain. You will become an eminent personality in agriculture and can participate in most of the research and development activities that are crucial in agricultural science.

There are certain career paths that students can opt for after the completion of this course. OSGU tries to make every of its student capable of competing with the various hurdles of life. Following are the career options a student can go to after completing this course.

  • Competitive Exams
  • Campus Placements
  • State Government
  • Central Government Jobs
  • Jobs in the Banks and Insurance sector
  • Jobs in Teaching and Education
  • Jobs in Private Sector
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Agricultural Journalism

A student can expect a salary of around Rs.40,000 immediately after completing the course. However, there are certain norms and rules which a student needs to follow before getting to a job interview.

B.Sc Agriculture Course Eligibility Criteria

The minimum percentage and others criteria for admission will be as per UGC/ Concerned Regulatory Bodies.

Below are the criteria that need to be met for the course.

For Indian Students:

  • 10+2 examination with PCB/ PCM /PCMB/Agriculture.

This is the only admission criteria for Indian students to get admitted to the OSGU.

For International Students:

  • Rule framed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and notified on its website www.UGC.ac.in will be followed for deciding the eligibility and admission of International students to various courses offered in Om Sterling Global University Hisar.

UGC issues notifications regarding the admission of international students from time to time. The Indian colleges and institutions have no control over the admission criteria for international students.

Om Sterling Global University is one of the best private institutes in Haryana, which offers quality education to its students. It is one of the best choices students and parents can make for a better future.

B.Sc Agriculture Admission Process

The admission process at Om Sterling Global Univerity is very simple. The students who stand on the criteria given above can apply for admission for the course of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture.

The students can apply online as well as offline. The online admission form is available on the official website of OSGU. A student can also download the form and submit it online. The students can download the forms online and get them printed. After printing the form, the student can send it to the university via post.

The university will respond as soon as they receive the application form. After receiving the form, the university conducts an entrance exam. To sum up, the admission process, see the following section.

  • Filling out the application form.
  • Wait for the response from the university.
  • University will issue notification regarding the further process of admission.
  • An interview/exam will be conducted.
  • Students who clear the examination or interview will be named on the merit list.
  • The admission will be taken purely based on the merit list.
  • The institution will contact the short-listed candidates.

The above criteria for admission to the OSGU are very simple. The administration of Om Sterling Global University is very cooperative and efficient. They work very efficiently and work diligently for the welfare of the students.

B.Sc Agriculture: Subject & Syllabus

The syllabus of this course is designed in such a way that it covers all the necessary elements of agricultural science. The course’s curriculum covers all the important elements of agricultural science with all the essential topics and agriculture. Different things need to be covered to learn the proper methods of farming. The syllabus covers it all.

Link to the syllabus: https://www.osgu.ac.in/programs/b-sc-hons-agriculture/#first_year.

B.Sc Agriculture: Specialization

The students enrolled in this course specialize in the science of Agriculture. The students are taught every nuance of agricultural science.

The science of Agriculture is essential, and the university understands this fact. The faculties at the OSGU are also very experienced. They have experience in this study and know every detail about this study.

The students enrolled in this course will get the best knowledge at Om Sterling Global University.

Salary after B.Sc Agriculture Course in India

Anyone can expect a salary of around Rs. 40,000 after studying the course of B.Sc Agriculture. Multiple job roles are offered to the graduates with a BSc degree in Agricultural Science.

The entry-level jobs offer somewhere around Rs. 40,000. Whereas, once a person gains some experience, the salary can be increased based on skill and ability.

B.Sc Agriculture Future Scope in India

This study has become very popular since the commercialization of agriculture in India. The dimensions of the agricultural sector in India have changed completely. It is easy to make a career out of the agricultural sector in India. There is high hope for a successful future in this field.

Scope of this Study:

  • To help the students understand how the impossibilities can be overcome via perseverance and passion.
  • Enable the students to develop technology and means for supporting the farmers.
  • Help farmers skyrocket their productivity.
  • Students can gather immense knowledge from the best faculties at the OSGU.

The scope of this study is very diverse and has a high scope of developing a great career.

Career or Jobs Opportunities after B.Sc Agriculture Degree

The job and career opportunities prospects after doing this course are very high. Many private companies deal in agricultural products. These companies hire agricultural professionals. They pay high salaries and revenues to these qualified professionals.

Also, there is government job available for fresh B.Sc Agriculture graduates. The vacancies keep coming, and graduates can easily apply for these jobs.

How to Choose Top B.Sc Agriculture College?

There are certain parameters on which a college can be tested. Following are the parameters on which a college can be tested:

  • Well-established infrastructure.
  • Experienced faculties.
  • Better study curriculum.
  • Best placement opportunities.

Om Sterling Global University provides all the facilities and opportunities.

Top Companies Hiring B.Sc Agriculture Graduates

Following is the list of companies that come to Om Sterling Global University to hire BSc graduates in Agriculture.

  1. EY
  2. KPMG
  3. PWC
  4. ITC
  5. gsk

The above-listed top companies come for placements on the campus for hiring the students of the OSGU.

Benefits of Pursuing B.Sc Agriculture Course

Following are the benefits of pursuing a B.Sc Agriculture course.

  • Get an insight into farming.
  • Got to know various nuances of the farming.
  • Opens various opportunities for jobs for the students.

These benefits can only be achieved by pursuing this course from Om Sterling Global University.

Required Skills for B.Sc Agriculture Course

The only skill required for pursuing the course of BSc in agriculture is the zeal to learn about farming.

This zeal or ambition can only be discovered by knowing about this course accurately. The mentors at Om Sterling Global University help the students to find out whether this course is suitable for them or not.

B.Sc Agriculture: Related FAQs

Many students are confused about which course to go to after completing their 10+2. To solve the doubts of the students, we have some questions that the students often ask before opting for the course B.Sc in Agriculture.

Q1 – What is the best option after B.Sc Agriculture?

Answer- There are multiple opportunities available for the graduate from this stream. The private and government companies offer numerous job opportunities.

Q2 – Is B.Sc Agriculture easy or hard?

Answer- The agriculture course is challenging depending on a student’s interest. If a person is interested in the study of agriculture, then that person may find this study easy. Otherwise, it is difficult for them even to pass the examination.

Q3 – Is B.Sc Agriculture a good career?

Answer- The answer is yes. One needs to have patience and pay attention to the studies to succeed in this field.

Q4 – How many years is B.Sc in Agriculture?

Answer- The course is for 4 years. After completing these 4 years, one can be a B.Sc in Agriculture graduate.

Om Sterling Global University offers B.Sc (Hons) in Agricultural Science. The university provides the best study in Agricultural Science in Haryana. This institution has the best faculties to teach the Science of Agriculture.

OSGU offers this course with the best study curriculum. The institution provides the best campus placement and faculties to prepare the students for the future.

For more details, visit the website https://www.osgu.ac.in/school-of-agriculture/.

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