Scope after Master of Mass Communication Degree in India: Jobs & Career Opportunities

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Scope after Master of Mass Communication Degree in India Jobs & Career Opportunities

Mass communication is the study of delivering information to a broad audience via many forms of communication. Journalism is the practice of writing on everyday occurrences for newspapers, journals, etc. It has engulfed reporting done via radio and television.

We all are linked via a network of diverse ways of communication. Whether it’s the news on natural tragedies or live scores of Cricket matches, we get to know about them due to technology and the mass media. Mass communication is nothing but spreading information to a large number of individuals, i.e., the entire nation or the globe.

It is stated that journalism is the first draught of history. If mass communication is the action of distributing news, journalism is concerned with collecting and distributing news via print and electronic media. This encompasses numerous areas of labor, including writing, reporting, editing, broadcasting, photographing, or cable casting news items. Journalism encompasses researching, assessing, and reporting local trends, international events, current affairs, and so on.

Scope of Mass Communication & Journalism in India & Overseas

It’s essential to consider a wide range of elements, including technological improvements, changes in the way people live, and tastes. Technological advancements dominate the modern world. It also has a tremendous influence on the media and journalism. Let’s say you’re active on social media. One in every 24 hours is spent on social media, according to Global Web Index’s Social Media Trends 2019, a study of online behavior.

As we go onto the field of journalism, the world’s reliance on it has grown to unprecedented proportions as the epidemic has kept people cooped up in their houses. We rely on news broadcasts worldwide to keep us up to speed on the latest developments and occurrences. We’d have been cut off from the rest of the world if it weren’t for these tools. Not only that but there’s more! As more and more people work from home or have more time on their hands, they’ve turned to stream services like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to fill their time.

As these forms of mass communication gain popularity, the opportunities for those interested in a career in journalism and public communication rise. The following careers are open to those with a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication: It’s not uncommon for people in the fields of creative writing and content creation to also work in public relations or journalism or the film and television industries or other creative areas like fashion photography or event planning or legal affairs. Next, we’ll examine it in further depth!

What are Career Opportunities after a Master of Mass Communication & Journalism Degree?

Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the internet are all forms of mass communication. Currently, the media industry is awash with information and employment prospects. A degree in mass communication may lead to employment in many media outlets, including newspapers, television networks, periodicals, radio stations, and even the film industry. In addition, one may work in advertising, public relations, and event management organizations.

Demand and supply are the underlying principles of the employment market. In specific fields, such as engineering, the supply of qualified individuals much outweighs the need. In contrast, in others, such as social media, television, magazines, and the like, there is an urgent need for qualified individuals. News editor, TV anchor, screenwriter, junior journalist, and senior journalist are just a few of the many job titles in this field. Times Group, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Outlook, India Today Group, Zee Network, Star India, Network 18, Balaji Telefilms Limited, and others are among the most prominent employers in the country’s media landscape.

To succeed in this career, you must be dedicated to your craft and interested in it. Students at Universities like Om Sterling Global University learn how to communicate effectively, develop strong personalities, and become innovative, dynamic, and enterprising as a result of their studies in mass communication.

What Jobs Can I Do With A Master Of Mass Communication & Journalism Degree?

  1. Television & Film Director/Producer : Creative producers and directors are in high demand in the entertainment industry after the epidemic, which has increased media consumption. If you have an MA in journalism or mass communication (MAJMC), you’ll be able to pursue a wide range of careers in the media, including those in television and film. This is the ideal job description for those of you who like bringing joy to others via the medium of cinema. Other than producers and directors, those with this degree may work as video editors and 3D designers, scriptwriters, and animators.
  2. Event Manager : The event management industry is just starting to take off and offers many employment options. A career in event management is an excellent option for individuals who like the coordination of planning and organizing events, their creative execution, their financial management, and their procurement of resources. A MAJMC degree will provide a solid foundation for a career in event management by teaching you the ins and outs of all three components of event management: planning, management, and execution.
  3. Content Writer :There has been a huge increase in the need for content writers due to the rising content consumption across all industry sectors. A content writing profile is the most excellent fit if you have strong writing abilities and want to make a profession. You may expect to find work in media companies, digital marketing firms, advertising agencies, and other major organizations as a content writer with a MAJMC degree.
  4. Public Relations Professional : You’ll be well-prepared for a career in public relations with the communication, interpersonal, negotiating, and management skills you’ll get with a MAJMC degree. Talented people who can successfully represent their brand and establish strong networks and contacts in the industry are continuously in demand by leading organizations all around. The need for public relations specialists has expanded astronomically as companies become more mindful about how their brand image is perceived. The annual salary for a public relations professional in India is INR 6 lakh. Their yearly salary ranges from INR 1.5 lakh to INR 10 lakh.
  5. Journalist : To be considered a journalist, one must provide the public with factual information that has been well researched and documented. A journalist’s work description includes covering any occurrence in a specific region, discovering relevant facts and information, and disseminating it to the general public through printed and digital media. Aspirants for the MAJMC degree are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge in journalism, enabling them to communicate their findings to the public successfully. Journalists in India make an average of INR 3.86 lakh a year. Compensation, including profit-sharing and incentive payments, may vary from INR 1.7 lakhs per year to INR 9.91 lakhs per year.
  6.  Digital Marketing Expert : Professionals with a MAJMC degree have many opportunities in Digital Marketing in today’s high-tech environment. This degree provides students with the necessary 21st-century abilities to have a successful career in Digital Marketing. The fact that this is a new sector means you have the opportunity to try out a variety of career paths in areas such as SEM, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Web Analytics.
  7. Columnist : For most of us, a newspaper or magazine section must be devoted to a specific subject. Professional columnists who are educated in journalism and mass communication are in charge of the many areas of the newspaper, including health, entertainment, politics, and education. Because of this, this might be an excellent fit for those who are interested in offering relevant knowledge creatively.

What Salary will I Get After my Master of Mass Communication & Journalism Degree?

In India, a journalist or mass communicator can expect an average of INR 4.02 lakh a year. Many employment, including those as a copywriter, journalist, or editor, is open to you if you have this credential. Remember that the statistic we presented is based on India’s average earnings of all journalism and mass communication professions. The wages of journalists and others in the media in India are affected by various variables. For example, the amount of money you may earn as a professional depends heavily on your sector expertise. Besides your talents, location, and company, other elements influence your journalism and mass communication income.


The discipline of mass communication is evolving at a dizzying rate throughout the globe. All mass communication outlets are increasing concurrently in India, unlike in the affluent nations of the West, and this trend is projected to continue for some time to come. As a result, pursuing a Master’s degree in journalism and mass communication may lead to a gratifying job and advancement.

Why Choose Om Sterling Global University For Masters Degree In Mass Communication?

Om Sterling Global University in Chandigarh, Haryana, is one of the well-known universities in the subject of public communication. If you’re interested in a career in journalism or advertising, you’ll need to choose the best school to get your degree. When it comes to the finest Haryana Mass Communication colleges, the best selections are worth considering from time to time.

Several things must be considered before enrolling in a college for a degree in mass communication. Ultimately, your future career will rely on the knowledge, skills, and abilities you gained in college the most. Choosing the right college has a huge impact!

  1. Infrastructure : OSGU has an excellent infrastructure. The well-equipped library’s free Wi-Fi to access the internet. The hostel’s facility is available. The food provided is of excellent quality. The football field is up for business. Girls and boys are housed in different sections at this college. You can get medical help whenever you need it. It also provides lab facilities for practical knowledge.
  2. Faculty : Teachers are well-educated professionals. They employ effective teaching strategies. There is a high level of excellence in teaching. Attendants in the laboratory are always helpful and well-trained. When you graduate from mechanical engineering, you are always ready to enter the workforce in a high-ranking position. Exams for the semester are not a challenge. To pass the examinations, you’ll need an average of 40%.
  3. Placement : OSGU has an excellent placement rate. 120+ top companies that visit OSGU to recruit students. There was a starting package of 6 LPA; the highest package was 24 LPA. OSGU’s placement cell offers internships to its students to make them industry-ready.

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