Program Code


Program Code
Program Level

Post Graduation

Program Duration

2 Years


Programme Overview

M. Sc. in Physics is a 2-year full-time postgraduate course at Om Sterling Global University, Hisar, Haryana that provides the best and highest quality of education to the aspiring students in this domain. The programme has been diligently drafted to enable the students take a glimpse of the future. With the ever-increasing demand of M. Sc. in Physics a greater number of students are trying to enroll themselves in this branch so that they enjoy a great life and career ahead. The course will make you ever ready to face modern world challenges and requirements with utmost confidence.
The programme of M. Sc. in Physics is designed to render the basic and advance study in physics for the students. School of Applied Sciences, Om Sterling Global University, Hisar, offers specialization in Materials Science, Nano Science and Electronics, and more. For the students want to complete their MPhil./PhD in Physics, this course provides them an opportunity to acquire as well as develop the required skillset and expertise relevant to their research interests.

Programme Objectives

The M. Sc. in Physics degree programme at School of Applied Sciences (SAS), Om Sterling Global University, Hisar, has the following programme objectives.

  • Focusing on fundamental research and applications of Physics.
  • Develop the skills among the students to make them excel everywhere.
  • Impart effective knowledge and develop scientific research skills.
  • Assist the students in research and analysis endeavors.

Programme Outcomes

The programme outcome of M. Sc. in Physics is to produce world-class professionals in the niche of physics. The programme has been diligently drafted keeping all the modern world trends in minds because as one of the top colleges of Hisar, Haryana we comprehend that besides theoretical and practical aspects of a subject, an aspiring student also needs hands-on approach and learning via experimentation that goes beyond typical classroom approach. Here, we make the students ready to get deployed in private, public, or government sector and assist them having a successful career.

Career Path

The career path to M. Sc. in Physics is paved with myriads of golden opportunities that lead to happy and settled life. Along with great engineers, lawyers, doctors, and scientists the world also needs top-notch experts in physics who possess a great understanding of nature, science, and its methodologies. By completing this 2-year course at Om Sterling Global University, Hisar, Haryana student will be made acquainted with an ever-growing career whose real-time applications are never-ending.

Now, as per the skill set, interest, and aptitude attained, a professional in M. Sc. in Physics can opt for:

  • School Science Technician or Research Analyst
  • Scientist
  • Demolition Squads
  • Jobs in Teaching and Education
  • Academic Institutions
  • Senior Physicist
  • Construction Firms.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum percentage and others criteria for admission will be as per UGC/ Concerned Regulatory Bodies.

Provided below are the criteria that need to be met for the given course.

For National Students

  • Bachelor Degree in Science with relevant subject.

For International Students

  • Rule framed by University Grants Commission (UGC) and notified in its website will be followed for deciding the eligibility and admission of International students to various courses offered in Om Sterling Global University, Hisar.

Programme Syllabus

The programme syllabus of M. Sc. in Physics has been made in such a way that it takes care of the holistic development of a student. Along with equal emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects of study; Om Sterling Global University also focuses on providing personality development classes along with communication and skills development classes; as these are a must in top colleges like us. With these programmes, a student can excel at any interview and can become a recruiter’s or an HR professional’s favorite candidate.

Semester I

S.No. Subject
01. Mathematical Physics-I
02. Classical Mechanics
03. Quantum Mechanics
04. Electronics-I
05. Physics Laboratory-I
06. Computational Physics-I

Semester II

S.No. Subject
01. Mathematical Physics II
02. Statistical Mechanics
03. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Field Theory
04. Classical Electro dynamics
05. Physics Laboratory-II
06. Computational Physics II

Semester III

S.No. Subject
01. Solid State Physics-I
02. Atomic & Molecular Physics
03. Nuclear Physics
04. Nano Physics (Special Paper)
05. Physics Laboratory-III
06. Physics Laboratory-IV
07. Seminar

Semester IV

S.No. Subject
01. Solid State Physics-II
02. Particle Physics
03. Electronic-II
04. Physics Laboratory- V
05. Seminar
06. Dissertation

How to Apply

You can fill-up the Admission Enquiry Form below if you have any queries regarding the admission procedure of M. Sc. in Physics. Now, if you are unable to decide on which programme to choose, feel free to reach out to us via the FREE tele-counseling option. If you have decided that you must pursue M. Sc. in Physics and start a highly rewarding career then go ahead and fill-up the Online Application now.


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