Program Code

Post Graduation


2 Years


Programme overview

CTM (Construction Technology and Management) programme is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the knowledge & skills required for the planning, coordination and successful implementation of large Projects such as design and construction of structures and buildings, ship structures, aircraft, dams, roads, and bridges etc…. It is a fusion of engineering and management. The M. Tech. program in Construction Technology and Management gives the students an insight into scientific principles involved in the successful execution and management of construction projects. This programme is coordinated by Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments, for developing management executives in construction industries. The programme includes courses like Construction Planning & Control, Contracts & Specification, Construction Economics & Finance, Construction Methods & Equipment, Construction Quality & Safety Management, Organizational Behavior etc. Latest technological trends and hands on computer training in construction management are integral part of the program. All the courses are designed with professional outlook towards the development of engineering and managerial skills of the graduates. The M.Tech. Degree in CTM will be awarded under the banner of Civil Engineering department.
M.Tech. in Construction Engineering and Management is aimed at shaping the enrolled students’ managerial skills in the field of engineering, and prepare them for working as Strategists who can efficiently fulfill the production, commercial, and technological demands of an organization.

Program Objectives

  • To pursue professional career in the constantly changing field of construction, Engineering, Technology and Management.
  • To contribute to knowledge base through teaching and research.
  • To equip graduates with knowledge, capable of managing various construction projects with expertise as a team member as well as leader.
  • To provide excellent education producing technically competent, globally employable engineers who will be leaders in the chosen field.
  • To undertake research in conventional and advanced technologies fulfilling the needs and challenges of modern society.
  • To provide consultancy services and develop partnerships with society, industry and public organizations.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, symposia, and continuing education programmes for academic and field community

Program Outcomes

  • Acquiring sound knowledge on entire spectrum of activities associated with construction technology & management and develops ability to, evaluate, analyze and integrate existing knowledge with the innovative knowledge.
  • Analyze potential complexities critically, understand the project requirements and attempt to mitigate risks in a proactive manner
  • Understand the importance of societal, health, safety, legal and cultural considerations in carrying out construction projects
  • Design and conduct research experiments for acquisition/generation, analysis and interpretation of data based on literature survey for construction technology & management problems demonstrating higher order skill through appropriate research methodologies, techniques and tools independently or in a team.
  • Apply advanced tools, techniques and latest software, applicable to a range of construction applications.
  • Contribute positively to collaborative – multidisciplinary scientific research demonstrating capacity for self-management and teamwork, decision making based on open-mindedness, objectivity using knowledge of group dynamics to achieve common goals of advancement in learning for self and others.
  • Confidently apply modern management principles and engineering economics in agile environment and engage stakeholders and achieve results through proactive action.
  • Communicate effectively through technical reports and presentations with key stakeholders and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.
  • Apply ethical principles in construction technology & management practices and professional responsibilities.
  • Learn from mistakes based on self observation of the outcomes of own actions and take corrective measures

Career Path

M.Tech. Construction Technology and Management Job Types given below:

  • Formwork Technology Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Technology Specialist
  • Business Development Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Civil Engineer

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum percentage and others criteria for admission will be as per UGC/ Concerned Regulatory Bodies.

Provided below are the criteria that need to be met for the given course.

For National Students

  • Bachelor Degree of concerned Engineering Branch.

For International Students

  • Rule framed by University Grants Commission (UGC) and notified in its website will be followed for deciding the eligibility and admission of International students to various courses offered in Om Sterling Global University, Hisar.

How to Apply

Any queries you have about the admissions and related matters, you can fill out the Admission Enquiry form; if you are unable to make a decision on deciding the program, book a free tele-counseling session with us; If you are sure about a program you are enrolling for, you can go ahead fill out the online application.


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