Program Code


Program Code
Program Level

Post Graduate

Program Duration

2 Years


Programme Overview

The M.Sc. Physician Assistant programme is a 2-year postgraduate programme under which, we train students to work as a trained assistant in health care setting to bridge the gap between staff nurse and specialist or super specialist doctor. In this programme student can choose one broad specialty (Either Medicine or Surgery) and three subspecialties allied with same broad specialty. Students will work like a house officer to provide clinical services and acquire necessary skills. Students are trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health care services. As a team member, they take medical histories, perform clinical examinations, write order for laboratory tests and x-rays and assist the doctors in clinical procedures. Further, to develop research attitude they have to complete a dissertation on one topic given by mentor. Students are involved and trained in administrative and record keeping work, which will be supportive to clinician. At the end of two years of training students are competent to work with expert clinician or in tertiary care set up. They are also eligible to hold academic positions in schools of allied health science and train undergraduate students.

Programme Objectives

The specific educational objectives of the programme aim at favoring the following competencies:

  • To train student to become skilled assistant for all clinical procedures.
  • To create manpower who will bridge gap between staff, Nurses and consultants.
  • To train students in all clinical skills using clinical fundamentals in all clinical demonstration and simulation base training.
  • Programme is developed to create manpower for supporting all specialties as well as super specialty doctors.
  • To train students in various research and administrative skill that is supportive to clinical work.
  • At master’s level physician assistant will support specialist or super-specialty consultant in clinical, academics and research work.
  • Collaborating in activities of clinical research and training.

Programme Outcomes

The field is interlinked with many other fields such as medical, nursing, researching, pharmacy etc. The students get adequate hands-on experiences in preventive, curative and rehabilitation care service of the patients. Training provides extensive practical sessions to assume the leadership roles, supervising capabilities and professional qualities in patient care. Learning program covers patient medical history analysis, developing strategies and management plans. The programme equips students with skills and attitudes to work efficiently in clinical settings. Students get equipped in reasoning abilities and decision-making skills. They are also trained to face challenges in the medical sectors and find solutions. The curriculum includes theoretical lectures, practical classes, seminar, case studies, thesis presentations, assessments, examinations and viva-voce. Latest techniques are exposed to students to imbibe the skills to translate them in medical settings.

Career Path

There are huge job opportunities available for physical assistants across the globe and in the country. The jobs are available in varied sectors such as pharmacy, corporate sectors, government and private hospital sectors, multi -specialty clinics, health resorts, educational institutions and research organizations. The jobs are in plenty in sectors of

  • Coronary care
  • Organ transplant units
  • Orthopedic unit
  • Trauma care center
  • Critical care units.

Job roles for the candidates after completing M.Sc. Physician Assistant programme are as follows:

  • Dietician
  • Cardio Physician Assistant
  • Professor
  • Health care Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Ortho Physician Assistant
  • Personal Health Facilitator

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum percentage and others criteria for admission will be as per UGC/ Concerned Regulatory Bodies.

Provided below are the criteria that need to be met for the given course.

For National Students

  • Bachelors in Optometry or its equivalent.

For International Students

  • Rule framed by University Grants Commission (UGC) and notified in its website will be followed for deciding the eligibility and admission of International students to various courses offered in Om Sterling Global University, Hisar.

Programme Syllabus

The syllabus of the program plays a major role in how the students turn out for the profession. The syllabi drafted by the School of Para Medical Sciences are detailed and cover the necessary components to ensure a complete and overall education of the students. Given below is the syllabus for M.Sc. in Optometry

Semester I

S.No. Subject
01. Applied Anatomy and Physiology
02. Applied Biochemistry
03. Applied Microbiology
04. Applied Pathology
05. Applied Anatomy and Physiology-Practical
06. Applied Biochemistry –Practical
07. Applied Microbiology –Practical
08. Applied Pathology Practical

Semester II

S.No. Subject
01. Applied Pharmacology
02. Patient Evaluation
03. Foundation of Clinical Medicine
04. Principles of Clinical Medicine
05. Applied Pharmacology – Practical
06. Foundation of Clinical Medicine Practical
07. Principles of Clinical Medicine -Practical
08. Comprehensive Viva

Semester III

S.No. Subject
01. Obstetrics and Gynecology
02. Pediatrics
03. Emergency Medicine
04. Internal Medicine
05. Emergency Medicine Practical
06. Internal Medicine Practical
07. Primary Health Care -Practical

Semester I

S.No. Subject
01. Specialty Clinics
02. Project Work

How to Apply

If the program fascinates you yet you are not able to decide upon the right one to choose, you can acquire our Free Tele Counselling session. In case you have any issues or queries regarding the admission, you can fill out the Admission Enquiry form and we shall reach out to you within 24 hours. If you have made up your mind about going ahead with the program, you can fill out the Online Application Form.


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