Program Code

Under Graduation


4 Years


Programme overview

B. Tech in CSE with specialization in Data Science (DS) is a new, exponentially growing field which consists of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data. The emphasis is on core data science subjects along with the related computational mathematics, statistics, and computer science subjects. The program introduces students to the various application domains like finance, business, and healthcare wherein data science can be used to make informed decisions. The programme encompasses data Science as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving oriented subject that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems.
The course curriculum involves a blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to analytically solve complex problems. The programme imparts a confluence of skills in three major areas of mathematical expertise, technology hacking skills and business strategy and acumen. The core of this programme is the ultimate use of enormous data in creative ways to generate business value. Hidden insights are brought to the fore to enable companies to make smarter business decisions. Data Science programme orients on practical classes and self-study during the preparation of datasets and programming of data analysis tasks. This programme is for students who are interested in learning about all aspects of uncovering facts from the available data. This programme is meant to mine out insights, so if you are a deep thinker with intense intellectual curiosity, and if adding value to understanding complex behaviors, trends and inferences excite you, this is the right choice.

Program Objectives

The objective of B.Tech in CSE (DS) program is to inculcate the students with the basic knowledge of engineering and to excel in technical profession/ industry and/or higher education by providing a strong foundation in mathematics, science and engineering.

Under graduate students is prepared to become a technically qualified engineer to address complex problems and be able to apply learned skills in engineering careers.

Candidates with following features can opt for B.Tech in DS:

  • Candidates who have the ability to use algorithms and rules to solve issues.
  • Candidates who had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur

The objective of B.Tech(DS) program is to inculcate the students with the basic knowledge of engineering and to excel in technical profession/ industry and/or higher education by providing a strong foundation in mathematics, science and engineering.

Under graduate students is prepared to become a technically qualified engineer to address complex problems and be able to apply learned skills in engineering careers.

Highlights of B.Tech Data Science

  • One of India’s first B.Tech Programs in Data Science
  • Core Competency in Data Science, Computational Mathematics and Statistics
  • Minor Specialization in Finance, Business, Health Care
  • Multi-campus Model with mandatory student mobility in 4/5/6thsemester
  • Industry collaboration for the teaching-learning process
  • The option of Semester Abroad
  • The option of Integrated Master’s Program with foreign universities

Program Outcomes

Data Science is a unique multidisciplinary confluence of Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Statistics and Management. Data engineering involves data collection methods, designing enterprise data storage and retrieval.  The core data science subjects focus on data analytics, visualization, predictive modeling and analytics for data-driven decision making.  Knowledge representation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning will be taught with relevant case studies.  The students can study industry-specific, custom-designed program electives on block chain technologies, quantum computing, data forensics, data privacy, algorithmic trading, and data security.  Students can also opt for a minor specialization in business, finance or healthcare analytics.

Career Path

  • Database Administrators
  • Data Architects
  • Data Visualizes
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Ecologists
  • Data Science Consultant
  • Financial Modeler
  • Clinical and Pharmaceutical Analyst
  • Data Technologies Sp

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum percentage and others criteria for admission will be as per UGC/ Concerned Regulatory Bodies.

Provided below are the criteria that need to be met for the given course.

For National Students

  • The Candidate should have passed 10+2 examination with Physics, Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Biology/Technical Vocational subject.
  • B Tech 2nd year (LEET): Diploma Engineering and Technology OR B.Sc. Degree and 10+2 with Mathematics OR Passed D.Voc. Stream in the same or allied sector.

For International Students

  • Rule framed by University Grants Commission (UGC) and notified in its website will be followed for deciding the eligibility and admission of International students to various courses offered in Om Sterling Global University, Hisar.

Programme Syllabus

Semester I

S.No. Subject
01. Physics–I
02. Mathematics–I (Calculus & Linear Algebra)
03. Basic Electrical Engineering
04. Effective Communication Skills
05. Problem Solving using C
06. Physics Lab–I
07. Computer Programming Lab
08. Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
09. MOOC/Swayam/Online Courses

Semester II

S.No. Subject
01. Mathematics–II
02. Web Designing
03. Chemistry-I/Biology
04. English
05. Web Designing Lab
06. Chemistry Lab-I / Biology Lab
07. English Lab
08. Environment Sciences
09. IT Workshop
10. Personality Development
11. MOOC/Swayam/Online Courses

Semester III

S.No. Subject
01. Economics for Engineers
02.  Probability & Statistics for Data Science
03. Analog & Digital Electronics
04. Data Structure & Algorithms
05. Operating System
06. Data Structure & Algorithms Lab
07. Operating System Lab
08. Python Programming Lab
09. Project-I
10. MOOC/Swayam/Online Courses

Semester IV

S.No. Subject
01. Computer Networks
02. Advanced Statistics and Probability
03. Computer Organization & Architecture
04. Object Oriented Programming Using Java
05. Database Management System
06. Computer Networks lab
07. Object Oriented Programming Using Java Lab
08. Database Management System Lab
09. Business Communication and Presentation
10. MOOC/Swayam/Online Courses

Semester V

S.No. Subject
01. Machine Learning
02. Design and Analysis of Algorithm
03. Formal Language & Automata Theory
04. Optimization Techniques
05. Elective-I
06. Design and Analysis of Algorithm  Lab
07. Machine Learning Lab
08. R Programming Lab
09. Logical Reasoning and Thinking
10. Project-II
11. MOOC/Swayam/Online Courses

Semester VI

S.No. Subject
01. NOSQL Database
02. Big Data Analytics
03. Elective-II
04. Elective-III
05. Open Elective-I
06. NOSQL Database Lab
07. Big Data Analytics Lab
08. Employability Skills
09. Project-III
10. MOOC/Swayam/Online Courses

Semester VII

S.No. Subject
01. Advanced Machine Learning
02. Advanced Big Data Analytics
03. Elective-IV
04. Elective-V
05. Open Elective-II
06. Advanced Machine Learning Lab
07. Advanced Big Data Analytics Lab
08. Professional Skills
09. Project-III
10. MOOC/Swayam / Online Courses

Semester VIII

S.No. Subject
01. Industrial Project
02. MOOC/Swayam / Online Courses
S.No. Elective-I (Semester-V) Elective-II (Semester-VI) Elective-III (Semester-VI) Elective-IV (Semester-VII) Elective-V (Semester-VII)
01. Sampling Methods Business Intelligence Data Mining Techniques Digital Image Processing Social Media Analytics using R
02. Multivariate Statistical Analysis Time series Analysis Simulation Techniques Computer Vision Predictive Analysis using Python
03. Statistical Inference Design and Analysis of Experiments Probabilistic Graphical Models Artificial Intelligence Data Visualization
S.No. Open Elective-I (Semester-VI) Open Elective-II (Semester-VII)
01. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management Block Chain Technology
02. Mobile Application Development UI and UX
03. Introduction to Human Body Internet of Things
04. Mechanics Robotics

How to Apply

If you are having any queries regarding the B. Tech/B. Tech (LEET) ME program you can fill-up the Admission Enquiry Form. If you have any second thoughts on which program to select you can reach out to us via the FREE tele-counseling option. Now, if you have decided that B. Tech/B. Tech (LEET) ME is the perfect course for you, and you want to start a highly-rewarding career in the process fill-up the online application now.


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