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Program Code
Program Level


Program Duration

3 Years


Programme Overview

B.Sc (Hons.) Home Science is a 3 year full-time undergraduate course which deals with the management and economics of maintaining home and surrounding. Eligibility to which is qualifying 10+2 examination with a minimum aggregate or any intermediate examination with equivalent marks and above.

Candidates possessing the knack of the organizing things, ability to perform varied tasks, having a creative bent of mind and good communication skills are suitable for the programme. It is necessary for students to possess a good analytical and logical mind, to lend a realistic approach to situations and things. This programme is beneficial to people who wish to pursue further research work or take up the profession of teaching in future.

Programme Objectives

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science brings about the opportunity for aspirants to get a deeper insight into the workings and management of houses and community. Through this programme, candidates are rendered an overview of the various aspects of society and how one can be helpful in providing service to the people through their skills. Home Science integrates the aspects of home management which is otherwise considered trivial and lays light on the opportunities, opening job scopes for candidates in future.

The programme aids candidates aesthetic and creative skills, helping them polish their communication skills as well as lends a practical approach to the work taken up. Candidates having a generic idea of managing the household, those having a creatively inclined mind which dwells with artistic visualization can perform better in this programme. Aspirants are required to be aware of topics like health, lifestyle, and diet which can further help them in taking up jobs in nutrition and health care as counselors.

Programme Outcomes

  • Understand and appreciate the role of interdisciplinary sciences in the development and well- being of individuals, families and communities.
  • Understand the sciences and technologies that enhance the quality of life of people.
  • Acquire professional and entrepreneurial skills for economic empowerment of self in particular, and community in general.
  • Develop professional skills in food, nutrition, textiles, housing, product making, communication technologies and human development.
  • Take science from the laboratory to the people.

Career Path

Successful graduates are recruited under various fields. B.Sc. Home Science freshers get jobs in some of the following sectors:

  • Textile designing
  • Human development
  • Resource management
  • Food technology
  • Family planning

Government and Private Jobs 
Bachelor of Science Home Science graduates gets a job in both government and private sectors. They are recruited in government sectors according to their experience. Few of the jobs are mentioned below:

  • Child development project officer
  • Family planning counsellor
  • Medical officer
  • Deputy registrar
  • Online nutrition expert
  • Social media analyst
  • Junior stenographer

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum percentage and others criteria for admission will be as per UGC/ Concerned Regulatory Bodies.

Provided below are the criteria that need to be met for the given course.

For National Students

  • 10+2 or its equivalent.

For International Students

  • Rule framed by University Grants Commission (UGC) and notified in its website will be followed for deciding the eligibility and admission of International students to various courses offered in Om Sterling Global University, Hisar.

Programme Syllabus

The programme syllabus of B.Sc. in Medical will make you ever ready to face modern world challenges and requirements. The syllabus has been carefully made so that a student can focus equally on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the medical domain. The programme syllabus of B. Sc. in Medical at Om Sterling Global University, Hisar, Haryana is the best when it comes to providing the best quality of education. With a degree of B. Sc. in Medical you can become a source of inspiration to others. The programme syllabus will enable you to overcome medical issues with ease.

Semester I

S.No. Subject
01. English Literature and Language-I
02. Applied Chemistry
03. Applied Chemistry (Practical)
04. Human Physiology
05. Human Physiology (Practical)
06. Introductory Clothing
07. Introductory Clothing (Practical)
08. Hygiene and Public Health
09. Introduction to Home Science
10. Introduction to Family resource management
11. Introduction to Family resource management (practical)

Semester II

S.No. Subject
01. English Literature and Language-II
02. Applied Physics
03. Applied Physics (Practical)
04. Human Development-I
05. Human Development-I (Practical)
06. Introductory Textiles
07. Introductory Textiles (Practical)
08. Applied Botany
09. Fundamentals of Nutrition
10. Fundamentals of Nutrition (Practical)
11. Environmental Studies

Semester III

S.No. Subject
01. Textile science and fabric care
02. Introduction to Home Management
03. Psychology
04. Food Science
05. Food Science (Practical)
06. Community nutrition
07. Community nutrition (practical)
08. Ergonomics and appropriate technology
09. Ergonomics and appropriate technology (Practical)
10. Extension training management
11. Extension training management (practical)

Semester IV

S.No. Subject
01. Garment Construction
02. Introduction to instructional technology
03. Normal and therapeutic nutrition
04. Normal and therapeutic nutrition Practical
05. Residential and commercial space design
06. Residential and commercial space design Practical
07. Community Development
08. Community Development Practical
09. Housing and space management
10. Housing and space management Practical
11. Apparel and accessory designing
12. Apparel and accessory designing practical

Semester V

S.No. Subject
01. Family Dynamics
02. Methods of dying and printing
03. Methods of dying and printing Practical
04. Developmental challenges in children
05. Developmental challenges in children Practical
06. Interior Space Designing
07. Interior Space Designing Practical
08. Introduction of Indian textile
09. Introduction of Indian textile Practical
10. Fundamental of food microbiology
11. Practical Fundamental of food microbiology

Semester VI

S.No. Subject
01. Entrepreneurship development and business management
02. Entrepreneurship development and business management Practical
03. Fundaments of Mass communication and journalism
04. Fundaments of Mass communication and journalism Practical
05. Child welfare & family counseling
06. Child welfare & family counseling Practical
07. Clinical nutrition and dietetics
08. Clinical nutrition and dietetics Practical

How to Apply

You can fill-up the Admission Enquiry Form below if you have any queries regarding the admission procedure of B.Sc. (Home Sc.). Now, if you are unable to decide on which program to choose, feel free to reach out to us via the FREE tele-counseling button. If you have decided that you pursue B.Sc. (Home Sc.) and start a highly-rewarding career in this domain then go ahead and fill-up the Online Application now.


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