National Youth Parliament: At Om Sterling Global University, the nation’s first female IPS officer interacted with students of OSGU.

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OSGU National Youth Parliament 2022

National Youth Parliament: At Om Sterling Global University, the nation’s first female IPS officer interacted with students of OSGU.

Student’s claims: The pursuit of a career in competition is very challenging.

Youngsters struggle day and night to succeed in life. You must first focus your mindset if you want to join the IAS or IPS. In the National Youth Parliament, Kiran Bedi, the country’s first Womsn IPS officer and the former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, made the following remarks about not showing weakness to anyone. She also provided very helpful advices on learning the skills for competitions and proceeding after having a good education.

The winner of the National Youth Parliament competition held at OSGU was announced by Dr. Kiran Bedi.

Tanya Jindal, Shankaracharya Technical Campus, bhilayi, Chattisgarh were chosen as the best speakers in the Parliament with Jyoti Mishra, IMS Law College, Noida the second-best speaker.

All of the students from across India who had participated National Youth Parliament were inspired by the event’s chief guest, Dr. Kiran Bedi. Dr. Kiran Bedi interacted with students and clarified all of their doubts and assumed all their questions. She provided knowledge on how students can think positively in the right direction; learn, be in their good company and take actions that can help them to become decent human beings.

Dr. Kiran Bedi’s tips – To convert defeat into victory, one must accept defeat.  Analyze why did you lose?

Q :1 We heard your speech in Women Empowerment. You are four sisters.  How did you reach such a high position?

Ans: Education aims to serve you to become brave. You are no less than anyone. What I have to be when I grove up. I will decide if I want to get married or not. If I decide to marry, I will not change my sur-name. I have my own sense of self. The girls not less than anyone else but only is thinking change her mindset. You are not inferior to anyone. You will indeed be frail. If you will be inferior if you would not be empowered.

Q.2 You to must have encountered challenges in your life? Would you mind sharing your experience with us?

Ans: I had been a tennis player. Sometimes I won sometimes, I lost too. I used to cry when got defeated but I also used to think why did I lose? I used to ask my coach about the mistakes. The I used to correct them that led me to victory. You have to accept defeat in life, too. Think, why you were defeated. Read Lord Budhha. Know Yourself than false beliefs. Why you are happy or sad? Eradicate your shortcomings and move forward.

Q.3 What happened in your life that inspired you to become the nation’s First Female IPS Officer?

Ans: It inspires you when your parents send you to a good institution. Right education, right behavior, appropriate comradeship, right actions and being aware for right reaction can inspire you a lot. I got my inspiration from my parents. You should also become your own inspiration and move ahead.

In National youth Parliament, 642 students are chosen in the first round; and 60 students were chosen for the final round.

Q.4 Which thoughts and habits helps in your growth?

Ans: Right now you are habitual to eat drink and study when you grow old these habits make you. In my childhood I used to play right now I have habitual to exercise. You should have positive attitude it will help in your whole life. Don’t lose control on your mind save good things in mind and deleted wastage.


At Om Sterling Global University Hisar, preparations for the organisation of Youth Parliament were going from last four months. Students were asked to submit 90-second self made videos for the first phase, and 642 students were chosen as a result. Sixty students were chosen for the final round, which was held on 16.07.2022, from a total of 150 students who participated in the semi-final round. GST was the topic of the Youth Parliament on Friday, and RTI was the topic for the final round on Saturday.

Members of the jury

Dr. S.K. Mishra, Retired Principal, GDC Memorial College, Behal Bhiwani, Ms. Durga Devi, Govt College Naurnond and Mr. Pranshul Pathak, Co-ordinator Amety Law College played an active role in the Youth Parliament’s final round. Speaker roles were played by Ms Riya Kapoor and Mr. Neeraj Taneja. The guests were greeted by Dr. Puneet Goyal, Chancellor and Dr. Poonam Goyal, Pro Chancellor, Om Sterling Global University.

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