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Haryana Lateral Engineering Entrance Test (LEET)

Before delving deeper into the main topic, let us first see what LEET is? Haryana LEET or colloquially known as LEET is a prominent state-level lateral entry entrance examinationthat is conducted by the Haryana State Technical Education Society (HSTES). It is an opportunity for getting admission into the 2ndyear/3rd semester of engineering programs such as B.E. or B.Tech programs in any engineering college that are located in the state of Haryana.

The candidates who have either completed a Diploma in engineering/technology or B.Sc. in a relevant domain are completely eligible to attempt and give the examination.The examination would be conducted via online mode and will consist of various sections such as – basic science, electronics stream courses, mechanical stream courses, and other relevant engineering domains.

Haryana LEET Exam 2020 Key Highlights & Dates

Here, you fill find all the details that are a must to know before appearing for the LEET examination. We are going to highlight all the important dates, conducting body name, course types, exam mode, examination duration, eligibility, and more. This will help you to understand the examination in a better sense and get better insights for LEET 2020.

Also, the online entrance examination for LEET 2020 will be conducted only for the eligible candidates/aspiring students at their respective allotted exam centers. So, prepare well and all the best!

  • Conducting Body: Haryana State Technical Education Society (HSTES)
  • Type: State-Level Entrance Test
  • Exam Name: Haryana Lateral Entry Entrance Test (Haryana LEET)
  • Total Marks: 90
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • Courses: Lateral entry into the 2nd year/3rd semester of Undergraduate Engineering Programs
  • Language: English
  • Eligibility: Diploma in Engineering/Technology or B. Sc. in a relevant discipline
  • Official Website: http://www.hstes.org.in (for information & result) www.onlinetesthry.gov.in (for application, admit card and result) www.techadmissionhry.gov.in (for online counseling)
  • Haryana LEET 2020 Help-Desk: 1800-420-2026 (Toll-Free), 9041006228 (Mobile)
  • Application Fee:INR 500 for General Category & INR 200 for all Reserved Categories

Haryana LEET Preparation Tips for 2020

Examinations tips are a must to succeed in the LEET test. The exam tips will help you save valuable time which you can utilize on focusing on other subjects. The tips will hone your problem-solving skills and will render you knowledge on how to be efficient at time management.

Also, it will help you sharpen your memory and you will be able to understand what you are studying in a better sense. Moreover, these examination tips will help you stay focused.

So, if you are trying to clear theexamination with flying colors, here are a few tips that will help you to crack the Haryana LEET exam:

1. Prioritize Subjects:

We would like to tell you that you should prioritize the subjects as per your strength. For example, if you’re a tad weak (you will definitely know this) at Applied Physics start with that and polish your numerical skills. Also, FYI, Applied Physics, and Mathematics cover almost 50% of the syllabus, so plan accordingly. You can apply for online classes or tutorials to become better in these two subjects.

2. Don’t Neglect Computer Science:

At times, we think we know everything about a particular subject and leave it for the last and this is the part where aspiring students start to make a mistake. Generally, students feel and believe that they are good at computer science and can ignore it, but believe us, this is the part where you have to be very careful; prepare for computer science as well side by side to the main subjects.

3. Don’t Go Much Deeper:

Yes, we do comprehend that understanding the basics of a subject is a must, but don’t get yourself involved too much into details. For example, you don’t have to remember the name of a person/ scientist who has designed or developed a particular theory; instead concentrate on the details that are necessary to know such as – the application of that theory in real-life, advantages of the theory, and its importance.

4. Follow A Routine:

It is highly pivotal to follow a daily routine. This will help you keep a track of what are you studying and whether or not if you have missed any important topic. Make the routine diligently, it should not clash with each other and yes, give yourself enough time to indulge in other activities you like, because “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and for obvious reasons, we don’t want that. So make a healthy equilibrium within your studies and other activities.

5. Reserve Time For Mock Tests:

It is crucial to take mock tests in between so you will how much deep you’re in the water! Make time to give mock tests in all the subjects before giving the LEET examination. It will help you to know how the examination is going to be. Also, you will get an immediate result based on your test and it will help you to improve on a particular topic or a subject along with developing confidence and hone your time management skills.

6. Organize Your Study Space:

Organizing things and management is the key success and answers every question that you have in mind. So, it is very important to organize your study space; keep all the things in handy whenever you’re learning something or going to solve numerical problems. Don’t waste your time wandering in home searching for previous year question papers, pen, notes, or any other relevant thing.

7. Utilize Diagrams & Flow Charts:

Have you heard of “A picture is worth a thousand words”? This is absolutely true; a gospel! So, you should start using flow charts and diagrams to study complex subjects. This will help you save time and memorize things faster. Diagrams and flow charts also help you in quick revision.

8. Discuss With Friends:

Group studies are very beneficial if you’re properly doing that. At this present time, we know it is not possible, but we have internet and we can make video calls, right?  So, share what you have learned today or the previous day with your friends. Ask them what they have learned, if you find their time table or routine is better than yours, don’t hesitate in taking tips for them, remember – sharing is caring.

9. Don’t Forget To Take Breaks:

Too much of anything isn’t good for your health; for example, if you laugh too much, your friends and parents might think you have gone mad! Jokes aside, take breaks in between studies – stretch a bit, take deep breaths, learn guitar, listen to music, exercise, solve puzzles, do gardening, play indoor cricket, or anything you like.

10. Don’t Study Too Much At Night:

This is totally subjective, but we would like to say don’t overdo your studies at night. Instead, maintain a balance between day and night study hours. This will not have an impact on your daily lifestyle and also, you will find out when you have equilibrium, you have sufficient time to study and learn. Studying late night affects your sleep cycle and your health will deteriorate.

11. Eat Nutritious And Balanced Meal:

Apart from all the aforementioned points, don’t forget to eat nutritious food. This will help you stay healthy and you can focus more on your studies. Coffee, blueberries, broccoli, dark chocolate, nuts, and pumpkin seeds are a few brain-boosters. So, eat well and sleep well!

Recommended Books for LEET 2020

Books are our best friends! So, if you want to succeed in the LEET examination, no one can help you better than the relevant books that you must always have either in your backpack or study table.

Here a few highly recommended books for Haryana LEET exam 2020.                              

  • LEET Guide by G.K. Publishers                                                           
  • LEET Objective Type by Vaneet Singh & Gurmeet Singh:                             
  • LEET for Lateral Entry to Engineering Degree Program by Vaneet Singh & Gurmeet Singh
  • LEET Lateral Entry Engineering Test by Singh & Singh
  • LEET Question Bank by B. K. Tyagi
  • Lateral Entry to Engineering Degree by Ramesh Publishing House Editorial Board

PS: The aforementioned books are based on user reviews and our best knowledge. You can purchase them from ecommerce website like Amazon/Flipkartor borrow from your friends or senior students. These books are considered the best by many students.

So, now you know what LEET examination is and the best preparation tips to crack the Haryana LEET test. Remember to follow all the aforementioned points and to study with the reference books mentioned here in this blog. If you follow what we told success will come and knock at your door. Make notes, practice harder, and use flow charts and diagrams to understand a subject/topic in depth; but as mentioned not too much! Take breaks and exercise. And yes, don’t forget to eat nutritious food and sleep on time.

Keep in mind, “Early to bed and early to rise is the secret of champions.”

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