Covid-19 Impact On Education Sector In India

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Overview

A new buzz has entered the market with the name – coronavirus or COVID-19. Within just a few months, you have come to know about the pandemic and one of the most feared viruses of the 21st century. The coronavirus originated in China from Wuhan city which is the capital of Hubei province. Wuhan is also the largest city in Hubei and the most populous city in Central China.

Before delving deeper, let us first see what coronavirus is? As we know coronavirus hailed from China; coronaviruses are a vast family of viruses that are responsible for causing illness that ranges from the common cold to severe diseases including Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

The gamut of coronavirus is still unknown but many industries and sectors including healthcare and retail are highly affected. But with the help of the internet and electronic devices, we can overcome any challenge. 

Impact of COVID-19 on Education Sector in India

Let us see some facts and figures on the impact of COVID-19 on the education sector in India.

The University Grants Commission better known as UGC and other premier education bodies have predicted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic more than 1000 universities and 40,000 colleges will be temporarily closed. The students have been asked to stay at their respective homes and the management has asked faculty members to shift towards online classes. You might be shocked to know that Moody’s Annual GDP growth is likely to see a downfall in the GDP this year and the down percentage is predicted to be at 205-204 per cent.

By calculation, the aforementioned figures will directly affect the lives of 3.75 crore students and 14 lac faculty members across India. Experts, pioneers, and industry stalwarts are saying that the admission procedure will be affected hugely since the COVID-19 pandemic is growing rapidly across the nation. There will be a scarcity of enrollments; admissions, cash flows in universities and colleges including the slowdown in research/consulting activities.

Another concern to ponder over is there will be a steady decline in the employment rate. This is harsh but true! Numerous graduate students fear the fact that the job offered to them during campus placements will be withdrawn because of the current situation. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’s has estimated that the level of unemployment in India will see a shot up from 8.4% in mid-March to 23% in early April and the urban unemployment rate will skyrocket to 30.9%.

As COVID-19 is continuously spreading across the world and in India, it has crossed 1, 00,000. Myriads of alarm bells are ringing at once in the education sector. During the initial days of February 2020, only a handful of schools and colleges were closed in India. In a few other affected countries,the majority of schools were closed due to transmission issues.

However, by the middle of March 2020, nearly 75 countries have implemented/announced that school closures are a must. This not only includes nation-wide closures but local closures as well. Now, you might be thinking about what universities and colleges are doing to keep the students safe, in case, the students are allowed to come to classes for a limited time.

But to keep us away from COVID-19 universities and colleges across the planet Earth have instructed on a serious note to put a check on the exposure of susceptible student population via following methods, which are-

  • School closures until further notice
  • Rescheduling/postponing all examinations
  • Sanitization and cleansing of campuses
  • Brainstorming on long-term contingency plans like – eLearning

Possible Alternatives to Continue Education and to Keep Learning

  • Online learning:Probing into the world of online education/eLearning via the internet and a handful of electronic devices – such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Distant learning:Including distant learning programs into the colleges is a strong alternative to regular class structure.
  • Support whenever and wherever possible: Provide uninterrupted support and all necessary means for digitalization to students as well as the faculty members.

Other Prominent Methods Include

  • Assigning curriculum-related books and necessary exercises for home-study
  • Promoting podcasts, radio, and television broadcasts to watch and learn academic content
  • Requesting teachers or faculty members to conduct remote weekly/daily follow-ups with every student
  • Develop and review expedited strategies in education.

Paramedical Science Courses in High Demand After COVID-19

In the last few decades, paramedical science has become one of the most important branches of medical science. Paramedic personnel is an expert who assists doctors in improved therapy and attains better results in diagnosing treatments. You can choose to become a paramedic to give your career a great shape as the demand of paramedics is going to explode post-COVID-19 scenario, as we have come to our senses that the world requires more paramedics than ever.

Did you know mostly all the diagnostic procedures are taken care of by the paramedical staff in an emergency? They have become a pivotal cog in the healthcare system. You will be glad to know the population explosion along with the coupling of the private and public sector has opened several opportunities for skilled paramedics in this world.

Paramedics have emerged as the key players in both the medical and health sector. In their absence, the healthcare industry would become non-functional. So, remember, if there are no paramedics –there would be no profit or money for the doctors including private clinics and hospitals. Also, the planning commission report of India stated in a report that the healthcare industry currently needs six lakhs, paramedical officers. So, you now know the there is an immense demand in this field post-COVID-19. 

What is Medical Laboratory Technology Course?

Medical Laboratory Technology, MLT, or Clinical Laboratory Science is a professional course where a student learns how to treat, prevent, and diagnose intricate diseases via advanced clinical laboratory tests. An MLT professional plays a pivotal role in sampling, reporting, testing, collecting, and documenting medical surveys and investigations.

Also, a student who has completed their MLT course are trained thoroughly to maintain and clean laboratory instruments, manage biomedical waste, and adhere to the quality and control standards provided by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories).

Here are a few programs offered by Om Sterling Global University in paramedical science. You can choose one and give your career a boost it deserves.

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Diploma in Health Assistant
  • Diploma in Radiotherapy
  • Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology
  • Sc. Medical Lab Technology
  • Bachelors in Physiotherapy
  • Sc. Radiography & Imaging Technology
  • Sc. Radiotherapy
  • Sc. Optometry

Please go through our detailed blog Paramedical Science Courses in High Demand After COVID-19 for further reading.

Why You Should Consider Om Sterling Global University?

Om Sterling Global University is a top-notch leader in education and a pioneer in research activities. We believe in holistic growth of a student and to maintain this we emphasize equally on theoretical and practical approach to studies.

At OSGU, we have highly experienced faculty members that always help a student with their doubts and are ready to push the envelope and walk the extra mile. Om Sterling Global University is a hub for like-minded people to come forward and collaborate. Join us to make a positive impact in this world.

Now, let us see the top 5 reasons for joining hands with us

1. Infrastructure:

We have an ultra-modern infrastructure that houses all necessary amenities required for a student to excel in paramedical science such as – top-quality laboratories, and eclectic libraries. The department is supported by well-equipped physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and exercise therapy that polish all the required skills of a student.

 2. Industrial Visits:

We take our students on frequent industrial visits that assist a student to understand more about paramedical science. These visits help a student to gather deeper insights about the course and they know how paramedical science works within various departments.

 3. Personality Development Classes:

No matter which industry you’re in, you must possess a good personality so that during recruitment you can become the HR professional’s favorite candidate. Our mentors assist a student to hone their existing skills and help them develop news ones that are crucial to survive in the highly competitive market.

 4. Recruiting Partners:

Om Sterling Global University has more than 100 recruiting partners and with the assistance of our highly experienced Training and Placement Cell members, getting a chance to work with your dream company becomes easier than ever.


So, now you know what COVID-19 is?The impact of COVID-19 on the education sector in India and the possible alternatives to continue educating the students.With the facts mentioned above, you know also know the huge demand this world is going to see for paramedics. You can choose a course in paramedics from our list of many and climb onto the ladder of success. We need heroes and paramedics are the ones; not all heroes wear capes!

So, never stop learning because that is the only key to evolution. Remember, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X.


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