FDP on Holistic Development and Outcome Based Innovative Teaching

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Faculty Development Program on Holistic Development and Outcome Based Innovative Teaching

Faculty Development Program on Holistic Development and Outcome Based Innovative Teaching


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About the Faculty Development Programme

This Faculty Development Programme addresses the need to enhance the knowledge about the Holistic Development and Outcome Based Teaching, its implications in teaching, assessment and evaluation. Holistic Development is a relatively new term in education that seeks to engage all aspects of the learner, including mind, body, and spirit. Holistic development is based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning and purpose in life. Holistic development aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning, gives attention to experiential learning, and place significance on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment. Holistic education promotes transformative approach to learning, the idea of connections, the concept of transdisciplinary inquiry, meaningfulness and community as an integral aspect.

In this perspective, we could say that learning is a continuous and never-ending process. Through continuing learning, aspiring individuals can constantly have holistic development and become more skillful in their profession. Therefore, it is very important for faculty members to have holistic development and upgrade their professional skills not only for their own development but also for changing the life of students.

Objectives of the Faculty Development Program

  1. To encourage the faculty members to become a change agent by adopting 21st  century knowledge and skills so that they should be at par with national and global
  2. To familiarize the faculties on the concepts of Outcome Based Education with more focus on adaptation and implementation.
  3. To identify the impediments in implementing the concepts of Outcome Based E in learning environment and address them by the process of
  4. To train teachers about professional development and professional
  5. To make faculty enable to inculcate human values and professional
  6. To enhance knowledge of innovation, research and
  7. To understand the ability to think critically and
  8. To communicate clearly and effectively with other people to lead happier and healthier


More than 20 Eminent academicians and experts from industries, academia from top-notch Institutions shall enlighten the participants during the Faculty Development Programme.


Category Registration Fee
For FacultyMembers (Outside OSGU) Previewing the COVID-19 situation, OSGU is exempting Registration Fees for all faculties and industry personnel  from all across India.
For Industry person
For OSGU Faculty Members

Last Date of Registration : 7th February, 2022

The registration fee includes the following items:
  • Attendance to all FDP sessions
  • Copy of all Lecture notes (E-Notes)
  • E-Certificate

Please Note :

  • The access will be given to the participants on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • E-Certificate will be provided to those participants who will attend the sessions regularly.

Registration can be done through link available at www.osgu.ac.in

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For any query regarding the FDP send Mail to: deanssh@osgu.ac.in
Contacts : Mob No. 98284 90424, 98105 54544
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