Career in Yoga: Job Opportunities, Scope & Salary – A Complete Guide

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What Are The Career Options in Yoga?

The career trend is shifting drastically and numerous aspiring students are willing to study yoga as we have come to know in the pandemic that we need more number of Yoga teachers along with great engineers, scientists, and doctors. Yoga is very popular among athletes as they want to stay physically fit and mentally relaxed.

The demand of Yoga is increasing among all and sundry because it has myriads of benefits such as – building muscle strength, increasing your flexibility, preventing cartilage and joint breakdowns, gives you peace of mind, and boosts your concentration. These are some USPs of Yoga that you won’t get by doing something else.

Many people don’t choose Yoga as their career because it doesn’t sound lucrative. They feel that the career path isn’t rewarding and they must opt for something else. To be honest, it is little difficult to see and observe things beyond stereotype. But as an aspiring student you will be glad to know that the times are changing. Regions like Africa, European Union and Asia Pacific are experiencing inclination towards the Yoga industry and a large number of job roles and career paths are available for the Yoga Gurus and Yoga students.

 Why Choose Career in Yoga?

Here are the 5 top reasons why you must choose career in Yoga

  • A different career path than the usual ones: A career path in Yoga is not usual and here, you can learn a lot of things that no one else can teach you. Choosing Yoga as a career will nurture your body and soul with peace and harmony.
  • A good pay scale: Yoga gurus enjoys great remuneration for their services and in the initial stages, they sometimes earn more than their peers as the niche of Yoga is very demanding and great Yoga gurus are quite hard to find these days.
  • Become self-aware: Yoga has the power to make you self-aware and keep you away from many evils such as – hatred, greed, ego, and anger. When you are miles away from such evils you will see that you are getting clearer on your life goals and you attain them before time.
  • Travel the world: With yoga you will have the opportunity to travel the whole world as great Yoga gurus and teachers are always welcomed with open arms and hearts everywhere. Countries such as USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy are always in lookout for a great yoga guru or teacher.
  • Overcome physical challenges: Yoga can help you overcome any kind of physical challenge. Every new day will be a test to your physical prowess and with practice and sheer determination you will evolve and find a better version of yourself.

 Career Scope of Yoga

You will be definitely happy to know that Yoga has an immense scope in India as well as abroad. The present times has shown us that besides great engineers, doctors, lawyers, and scientists the world also demands top-notch and best-in-class Yoga gurus, teachers, and professionals who can revolutionize the world with their vision and efforts so that everyone can coexist in harmony. If an aspiring student has an interest in Yoga and they are ready to embark on a successful career in this domain then believe us, Yoga can do magic for them.

Also, any course or degree in Yoga has a huge demand in the western countries such as USA. You might be enthralled to know that various students from the USA and Germany are visiting India to learn the basics and intricate knowledge of Yoga. If you wish, an aspiring student can even pursue higher degrees in Yoga from foreign countries and start working there for a better future. The career in Yoga is very rewarding and if done in a proper way, a candidate is sure to make a great name for themselves and make their friends and family members proud in the process!

 How to Start Career in Yoga?

In the initial time and after pursuing a degree in Yoga, you can start as a Yoga teacher or instructor. Once you have enough experience you can become a senior yoga teacher or even a Yoga guru. Remember, to become a successful yoga instructor, you must have a postgraduate or a diploma in the niche of Yoga. The diploma, PG diploma, or any degree courses are always offered by the private or a government college/university in India and around the globe.

Great news for all yoga professionals is that they get employed by world-renowned resorts, gyms, health centers, and educational institutions and earn better than their contemporaries. But, nowadays, not only the aforementioned industries but also large enterprises and renowned professionals are hiring good and famed yoga teachers while a lot of yoga instructors are choosing to opt for a flexible schedule as an entrepreneur or a self-employed professional.

 Top 10 Best Jobs In Yoga

  1. Yoga Teacher: A yoga teacher is a wellness and fitness professional who is engaged in leading various group classes in the realm of yoga. They make you learn how you can perform various stretching poses in Yoga, practice the basics and complex meditation, and encourage mindfulness along with addition to overall health wellbeing.
  2. Yoga Aerobics Instructor: A yoga aerobics instructor is a professional who is responsible to teach yoga to the interested students via amalgamation of exercise, aerobics a Yoga. They promote Yoga via aerobics and exercise and make the learning process more fun.
  3. Festival Organizer: A yoga professional can work as a festival organizer in India and abroad as we have seen that numerous events concerning yoga are getting popular day by day such as 3HO Yoga Festival in Europe, the famous Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali, to Wanderlust Yoga and Music festivals held in a various destinations.
  4. Clinical Psychologist: A clinical psychologist is a trained person who renders counseling and clinical services with the help of Yoga. They treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders without medicines and by asking the patients to perform Yoga that will give them mental peace and promote change in their attitude.
  5. Brand Ambassador: You can easily become a brand ambassador of Yoga or related services/products and promote it for the benefit of others. This will demand great people and communication skills but once you have mastered it, sky is the limit!
  6. DJ: Yoga and music have a very close and harmonic connection. Yoga teachers play music in the yoga classes and if you have a knack for music then you can choose to become a DJ and play the right choice of music for the yoga students.
  7. Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor: Yoga professionals can opt to become an assistant Ayurvedic doctor where they are able to treat an ailment via naturopathy, i.e. with the force of nature or Ayurveda and without the need of taking any prescribed medicines. This is getting poplar every day as more number of people are trying themselves to rely on Ayurveda as opposed to allopath.
  8. Yoga Researcher: A yoga researcher is a professional who has 5+ years of experience in yoga. They are the ones responsible to perform research and development activities and try to find cure for HIV, cancer and other diseases such as sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.
  9. Yoga Therapist: All of the research work behind the world of yoga has been utilized to devise physical and psychological related therapy programs that use the concepts of yoga and meditation. A Yoga therapist generally works in different types of community health centers, rehabilitation clinics, or physical therapy offices.
  10. Entrepreneur: After having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Yoga, an interested student can venture into the realm of entrepreneurship. With the ever-increasing demand of Yoga, many students want to open a Yoga center of their own with different yoga-related products and services. This will help the entrepreneur to produce jobs for others and promote yoga in the process.

 How Much Can You Make in Yoga Career?

You might have known this by now that the salary or CTC per annum offered by various organizations is different for different types of courses. For example, a student who has completed their certification or diploma course will definitely get lesser salary than a student who has completed their postgraduate course. Similarly, a master’s degree holder will get more salary than an undergraduate student and diploma candidate holder and so on.

Apart from degree level, there is a pay difference in career choices as well. For example, an entrepreneur will be making more money than a yoga instructor working in a college. Similarly, a yoga researcher will get more salary then a yoga teacher. But that doesn’t mean that any career choice is less beneficial than the other. Every choice has a unique perk of its own that you find nowhere else.

But you must remember than like any other field the salary will increase as your experience is getting more along with your practice of Yoga.

So, let us see how much a professional can make in Yoga career:

  • Salary for Diploma holders: Rs. 1.5 LPA to 3 PA
  • Salary for Undergraduate candidates: Rs. 2.5 LPA to 4.5 LPA
  • Salary for Postgraduate candidates: Rs. 3 LPA to 6 LPA
  • Salary for certification professionals: Rs. 1 LPA to 2 LPA
  • Yoga entrepreneurs can make Rs. 6-10 LPA & Established yoga entrepreneurs can make: Rs. 9-15 LPA

So, now you know everything about the career in Yoga. Choose a career path wisely as per your choice of interest and never try to emulate others as their interest is not as same as yours. Practice Yoga every day and you will see that you are getting better with the passage of time.

Choosing the right career path is highly rewarding in the domain of Yoga and it is a very reputable niche as it helps people get rid of diseases. The society will respect you as you are making the community a better place for everyone. Yoga has a huge demand these days so consider this as your golden opportunity and you must make the most of it as these times won’t come back ever again!

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Dr. Anil Yogi
Dr. Anil Yogi
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