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Why Choose Om Sterling Global University, Haryana

We are Om Sterling Global University and since our inception, we have received multiple awards such as –the Best Educationist Award, Golden Educationalist of India Award, Best Emerging Institution in Engineering in Hisar Award, Global Achievements for Education Award, Best Academic Excellence Award in Technical Education and many more. Also, we are affiliated with AICTE, MHRD, UGC-New Delhi, and many more that boosts credibility and trust among students.

We maintain a strict 18:1 student to faculty ratio and we have a roster of highly educated and experienced faculty members that are not only efficient in their respective domains but also eager for the holistic development of a student. A student can reach out to faculty members any time and they will clear the doubts on the spot. We have 100+ recruiting partners, 150+ undergraduate/postgraduate/diploma/doctorate degrees under a single roof, and 15+ industrial-academic links.

Any aspiring student no matter what their interest is can study at our university. We have School of Engineering and Technology, School of Commerce and Management, School of Architecture and Fine Arts, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Legal Studies, School of Applied Sciences, School of Agriculture, and School of Paramedical Sciences amongst a lot. The campus life is refreshing and amidst a busy schedule, we like to emphasize equally on extra and co-curricular activities that keep a student rejuvenated.

The infrastructure of our university is mesmerizing and is appreciated by the students, faculty members, non-teaching staff, and management. The infrastructure houses all modern facilities such as – top-notch laboratories, eclectic libraries, boys’&girls’ hostel, Wi-Fi access, LCD-fitted classrooms, overhead projectors, motorized screens, and more that makes learning more interactive and fun.

Also, we focus on research activities a lot. Here, research is of utmost importance and we like to promote and nurture all kinds of research activities at the national/international level. Here, we aim to identify the latest research trends, formulate novel industry collaborations, and commence industry-relevant research via experimentation and hands-on approach. This takes the level of education beyond the typical classroom experience. 

Why You Should Om Sterling Global University?

Now, let us have an idea of what we are going to cover in this blog. So, without any further ado, we are going to see the top 13 reasons that will make you choose Om Sterling Global University without the shadow of a doubt. So, let the journey begin!

1. Approvals And Affiliations

OSGU has got approvals from all the major educational bodies of India and is affiliated with AICTE, UGC-New Delhi, Govt. of India MHRD, Association of Indian Universities, Bar Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India, and more. Also, we are the only university in the region that is affiliated with the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test). So, when you join us you will have the confidence and satisfaction that you are studying at one of the best Indian universities.

2. A Multitude Of Courses Under One Roof

Om Sterling Global University is a hub for like-minded people to come forward and collaborate. We have the school of engineering and technology, commerce and management, legal studies, paramedical science, applied science, architecture and fine arts, agriculture, hospitality management, and many more. So, whatever your passion is there’s always a room for you at OSGU.

3. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

OSGU maintains a perfect equilibrium between aesthetics and technology. We have unique departmental buildings, various administrative blocks, a lush green campus, and the most advanced topological features that keep us apart from our contemporaries. Students are allowed to roam freely on the campus and can talk with fellow students about life, academics, and career.

4. Highly Experienced Faculty Members

The faculty members of Om Sterling Global University are cherry-picked so that we can render the best and highest quality of education to our students. We don’t like to compromise when it comes to education that is why we put extra effort into our unique teaching methodology and effective teaching/learning process that makes our students ever ready for all kinds of modern world challenges and requirements.

5. Industrial Visits and Workshops

We comprehend that only theoretical knowledge is not enough to keep up with the modern industry trends and that’s why we take our students to industrial visits frequently. Also, we conduct workshops so that our students get a glimpse of the future via the latest tools and software. This assists a student to possess deeper and better insights about a subject or a topic and it always keeps them ahead of the curve.

6. Digital Libraries

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero. We can relate to this quote in a perfect sense. We understand that books are a student’s best friends and are the best of all companions. So, we have made a library in such a way that it houses all curriculum-related books as well as a plethora of national/international journals and research papers. These help a student with their academic projects and provide a scope to learn something in a better and more efficient way.

7. Rewards and Scholarships

We believe that learning should never stop and we also know that there are a few students who are not born under a lucky star. To assist them we have a provision of scholarships. Every year we provide scholarships and rewards to the deserving students such as meritorious students, financially weak students, and girl students. So, when you join us you will know that Om Sterling Global University doesn’t differentiate, all are equal in our eyes!

8. Incubation Centre At Our Campus

Yes, you read that right! Om Sterling Global University has an incubation center of its own and it is known as Daffodil Software Limited. An incubation center is a hub that provides all the necessary means to a cause or an organization such as training, management, office space, and more to make it blossom more fruitfully. With our incubation center, a student gets an idea of how entrepreneurship works and what all are the necessary ingredients for success in this modern and competitive market.

9. Personality & Skill Development Programs

At OSGU we believe in developing the employability of our students and that is why we conduct personality and skills development programs. Here we hone and develop communication, problem-solving, analytical, decision-making, management, and leadership skills. This makes a student relevant to the needs of modern industries and it guarantees that our students will excel in any field and can solve any problem in real-time. 

10. Student/Staff Exchange Programs

Om Sterling Global University has tie-ups with a large number of foreign universities. With our International Relations Office (IRO) and the student exchange program, you will have the opportunity to go abroad. With this, you can learn the culture of a foreign country and can reach out to a worldwide market. The same goes for our faculty members! How? We invite guest lecturers from foreign and reputed national universities so that our students can receive a notch more than the students from other universities. 

11. Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Here at Om Sterling Global University we not only promote campus recruitment but also like to develop the quality of entrepreneurship among our students. With this program, a student will have the capability to venture into the land of entrepreneurship and make their dreams come true. Not everyone is meant to work for others; some create employment opportunities for others as well. With this development program, you will be confident enough to start a company of your own. 

12. Hostel Amenities

OSGU has a separate space for boys’ and girls’ hostel to maintain the decorum. Each hostel is supervised by the wardens who also keep a check on the quality of food served to the students. The wardens keep a note on the hygiene and nutritional value of the food along with the homely taste. At Om Sterling Global University the hostel food isn’t a mess; it is a delight to have. When you stay here you won’t get homesick often too soon! 

13. Campus Recruitment Training Program

We have a Training and Placement Cell that is dedicated to the complete growth of our students. The highly experienced members of the Training and Placement cell have tie-ups with several MNCs and it makes easy for our students to get placed in their dream organization. We make a student ready via mock interviews, group discussions, resume writing, CV-building, presentations, aptitude tests, and more. FYI, all these are the most crucial parts of any kind of recruitment process.

So, now you know why you should choose Om Sterling Global University. Shake hands with us and we will assist you to make all your dreams come true. Meet amazing internship opportunities and get placed in your dream organizations at ease. Get ready to face modern world challenges with super-confidence and be at the top of the world.

Why Om Sterling Global University Is Better Than Others?

Take part in research activities via our modern laboratories and come up with solutions to real-life problems. Get educated amongst the best minds of the country and be an invaluable and irreplaceable part of society. Be an achiever with the right and astute guidance of mentors, faculty members, and guest lecturers. With our personality and entrepreneurship development become a leader of tomorrow by taking a look at the future beforehand. Shape your future and career with us!

Remember, nothing is impossible at Om Sterling Global University.

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