The Campus Rules and Code of Conducts

The following University rules must be followed by the students in immaculate manner.

It is mandatory to maintain minimum 75% attendance in each subject in odd/even /summer semester failing which the student shall be detained in that particular subject(s). In exceptional circumstances relaxation of 10% may be granted by the University on valid grounds as per recommendation of the Dean/ Director of the school concerned. Details are given in the respective Ordinances which may be thoroughly studied by the students and their parents.

Student who has been detained due to shortage of attendance in a particular subject shall not be allowed to appear in term end examination in that subject. He/she will be required to study that subject in summer semester again and deposit additional fee as per University rules.

Dean of the school concerned shall announce the names of all such students who are not eligible to appear in the term end examination in each subject, at least 4 calendar days before the start of the term end examination and simultaneously intimate the same to the controller of examinations. In case any student appears by default, who in fact has been detained by the school his/her result shall be treated as null and void.

The students are advised to ensure that they meet the minimum attendance requirement to appear in the semester end examination failing which they shall not be allowed to sit in the examination. Students are also advised to maintain utmost expected discipline in and outside the University Campus. Disturbance of tranquility of the campus in particular and society in general, through any means shall be treated as an act of indiscipline and suitable disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulting students.

Students are also advised to dress appropriately, while in campus, as per demand of the occasion.

University has zero tolerance for indiscipline in and outside the campus by students. Drinking, taking drugs, damaging University Property, indulging in any kind of violence, misbehaving with fellow students/teachers ragging etc. are included In the list of undesirable activities and constitute the moral turpitude. Very strict action including suspension /rustication from the rolls of the University may be taken against the students who are found indulging in any of the above mentioned or undesirable act.

All Boarders/Hostellers must follow the Hostel/Mess Rules and must not indulge in any kind of damage to the Hostel / Mess / University property failing which strict action as per University Rules shall be taken against the defaulters including suspension/rustication from University/Hostel.

Mere Inclusion of the name of a candidate in the admission list would not ensure his/her admission. Candidate would berequired to prove his/her eligibility for admission by providing original and genuine documents in support of the claims made.

The admission made by University shall be provisional, till the same is confirmed by the Registration Branch of the University.

If the University Authorities are not satisfied with the character, past behaviour and antecedents of a candidate, they may refuse to admit him/her in the University. In order to ensure academic standard , discipline and congenial atmosphere in the University the management of the University/Dean of the concerned faculty may cancel the admission of any student who is found to be involved in activities which are prejudicial to maintaining harmony on the campus.

The University has a streamlined method of redressal of grievances as per UGC regulations 2019. The Grievances RedressalCommittee addresses all kinds of grievances including those pertaining to admission, examination, conduct on the campus etc. on top priority.

The admission procedure is subject to modification, without notice, as per directions of UGC or any competent authority.

The final cut off date for admission to all the courses is 15 August, 2019 or the date which will be notified by the Statutory Regulatory Authorities/Court.

Admission Calendar is only indicative and subject to change by the competent authority.All applicants are instructed to follow the University website on a regular basis for other details related to the admission process.

The contents of the Admission Brochure are subject to change without prior notice.

All disputes pertaining to admission under the domain of Admission Brochure are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Hisar (Haryana) only.

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