Grivences Redressal Committee

With the approval of competent authority Student Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted as under:

Sr. no.. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Sumesh Jain Dean, Admission Chairman
2 Dr. Rakesh Dhiman Dean, Student’s Welfare Member
3 Dr. Narayan Prakash Giri Professor & Dean, SYN Member
4 Dr. Renu Sharma Dean, Applied Sciences Member
5 Dr. Alok Sharma Professor, CSE Member
6 Ms. Rani B.Tech. (CSE) 2nd year Student Representative
7 Mr Prashant B.Tech. (CSE) 3rd year Student Representative

Procedure for registering a grievance In case of any grievance of any student, he/she will submit his/her grievance/complaint to the respective Dean/HOD/In-Charge. The Dean/HOD/In-Charge shall refer the complaint to the Registrar, Om Sterling Global University, Hisar and the registrar shall refer the grievance/complaint to the Student Grievance Redressal committee to resolve and or suggest means to resolve the grievance/complaint.

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