Dean Admissions


Dr. Sumesh Jain


Our team within the Admissions and Registration Department are here to welcome you from your very first step to contact with OSGU right up to your successful education.

Even before you decide to join our university, the admissions executives are available to answer your questions regarding the required level of entry; range of science and social science programs; academic calendar and critical dates for applications, and registration; as well as any general topics you would like to discuss.

When you want to join OSGU we have an online registration system that is very user friendly. Nonetheless, should you encounter any problems, our registration team will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have about your university enrolment.

We have a separate segment on Scholarships for students who come with a PUC or other scholarship to university. However, OSGU has its own internal academic bursaries and even new students may apply for them.

Our team ensures we have all the requisite documentation to sign off your completed credentials and arrange for official approval of your papers so that you can collect your OSGU.

We recognize that choosing your place to pursue your tertiary studies is a major decision.

Our services are globally recognized and so you are conscious that you are providing a global level of quality education.

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