B.Sc. Forensic Science Course: Career, details, Fees, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus

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October 5, 2020
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B.Sc. Forensic Science Course: Career, details, Fees, Eligibility

B.Sc. in Forensic Science-Overview

Have you seen crime thrillers, murder mysteries, suspense movies and found yourself intrigued watching a forensic team of experts? Have their thoughtful expressions, their gloved hands moving about collecting crucial evidence from the crime scenes, inspired you to be like them?

If so, read on to understand what a career in Forensic Science holds.

Forensic Science as a study, deals with science and law. It works towards solving crimes by applying science to legal and civil laws.  The term forensic is a derivative of the Latin word “forensic” which means “of or before the forum”.

This three year undergraduate program offers the study of scientific applications and knowledge that assist in the investigation of crimes.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge , there are a few ideal skills like an analytical mind, technical knowledge, good observation, attention to details, the ability to perform under pressure, and so on that are considered as pre-requisites for an aspirant in this field.

The various qualifications available in this field include – Diploma and Certificate courses, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree along with a Ph.D. degree. There are various specializations available within the domain.

B.Sc. Forensic Science Course Key Highlights:

It is very important to understand the expectations and scope of this course for the student. Making a career choice is very important as it unfolds the road map for your future professional success and growth.

In the enclosed table some key points are given which will help you with essential information.

Name of the Course B.Sc. Forensic Science
Duration 3 years
Minimum Eligibility A minimum  50% aggregate is required, with the candidate having passed class  12 with Science as a subject.
Entrance Exams







Lateral Entry Option For candidate who have pursued  a 3 – year Polytechnic, the lateral entry option is open in B.Sc.
Course Fee 20,000 to 50,000

(depends on institute)

Admission Process Some institutes give admission on the basis of merit. This admission is based on the score obtained in the qualifying examination.Some institutes conduct entrance tests for admission. They give admission on the basis of a National Level, Institute Level or a State Level entrance exam.
Internship Many internship opportunities exist for B.Sc in Forensic Science in India.
Scholarship There are various scholarships/schemes available for candidates belonging to reserved categories and economically weaker sections, based on their eligibility for government scholarship schemes.AICTE Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme (only for 5% students in each state)Merit scholarships are offered by deemed  or private universities  (on the basis of marks in the entrance exam or in Class 12th)
Career Options Forensic Scientist

Private Investigator

Drug Analyst

Crime Laboratory Analyst

Forensic Serologist

Forensic Architect

Forensic Engineer

Forensic Toxicologist

Police Officer

Forensic Consultant

Average starting salary 2.5 to 4 LPA


B.Sc. Forensic Science Course Eligibility Criteria

  • You can enrol for this course upon successful completion of 12thPossession of a 12th class degree or its equivalent from a recognized board is needed.
  • Mathematics and Physics as the main subjects in class 12 and Chemistry/Biology/Computer Science/Biotechnology as optional subjects are a necessary qualification for enrolling for this course
  • A minimum aggregate of 50% in the qualifying exam is needed.

B.Sc. Forensic Science Admission Process

There are two main criteria for admission to the B.Sc. Forensic Science course:

  • Entrance based

The Entrance exams for this course are LPUNEST, SUAT or JET.   It is important to be well prepared for this exam since good marks improve your chances of securing admission in a good institute.

The process includes submitting of application forms, uploading relevant documents, announcements of dates for the exam, commencement of exams and exam cut off announcement by respective institutes and shortlisted candidates are informed about counseling followed by admission by requisite fee deposition.

  • Merit based

The process includes submitting of application forms, uploading relevant documents, announcements of merit list based on academic scores of students, providing information to shortlisted candidates, document verification and submission of requisite fees.

B.Sc. Forensic Science Average Fees

The course fee varies with institutes based on different parameters. An average however, would be from 20,000 per annum to 120,000 Rs. (INR) per annum.

 Average Salary in India for B.Sc. Forensic Science Graduate

The skilled graduates after having completed their course successfully can look forward to various job openings. They can work in the public or private sector. They can be part of investigation teams in government jobs, can join labs; and work for agencies and legal departments.

The average annual salary for a B.Sc. Forensic Science graduate is usually in the range of Rs. 2 to 7 Lac. This is subject to increase with years of experience, individual ability, talent; and expertise and competence level.

Career & Jobs Opportunities after B.Sc. Forensic Science Course

One of the most important factors in the decision making process for the selection of any course is the job opportunities that exist after completion of that.

  • Forensic Medical Examiner – This is the highest paying job and very interesting job. They perform autopsies. They arrive at conclusions regarding the cause, manner and time of death.
  • Investigation officers – This is an important role and involves the responsibility of investigating crime scenes by collecting evidence, keeping records, interviewing witnesses, and testifying in court.
  • Forensic Auditor- This role involves an examination and evaluation of financial records of a firm or an individual to collect evidence that can be used in a legal proceedings. A forensic audit is usually conducted to prosecute a party for embezzlement, fraud or any other criminal behavior.
  • Forensic Scientist- This job role involves the use of scientific knowledge and techniques to detect crime with laboratory tests and analyses to carry out the investigation of crimes.
  • Crime Reporter- The journalists who report crimes and sometime help the authorities to investigate crimes. They attempt to cover all aspects of the various crimes that are committed and give a detailed reporting.

Other jobs include Laboratory Analyst, Legal Counselor, Forensic Expert and many more …..

The top government jobs that are the most coveted, most sought after and also paid well, include:

Forensic Consultant, Forensic Investigator, Assistant Central Intelligence Officer, Laboratory Assistant, Chief Information Officer.

 Required Skillset for B.Sc. Forensic Science Degree

This course requires certain skills in addition to the degree qualification to be successful in this field. The candidate must be passionate about his subject with a keen desire to pursue it and build a strong career in the field. Since this study involves science and its application to investigate and resolve crimes, the following skills are needed:

  • A very keen eye for details. The candidate must be meticulous in procedure and attentive
  • A logical and independent mind with a clarity of purpose
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A high degree of objectivity, discretion and sensitivity while dealing with confidential information
  • The ability to work under pressure and consideration for deadlines
  • A high degree of patience and concentration to perform tasks
  • Ability to cope with stressful and trying situations that require a great degree of resolve, grit and determination not to shatter under pressure.
  • A high level of self – confidence. This field requires making independent decisions and judgements most of the times, therefore faith and confidence in your own judgements is crucial.

 B.Sc. Forensic Science Subjects and Syllabus

The 3 – year course is divided in 6 semesters with a combination of theory, practical, seminars, assignments, projects, lectures and class tests. The subjects and syllabus are as follows:

B.Sc. Forensic Sciences: Subjects  
English Language Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Fundamentals of Biology
Basic Physics Environmental Studies
Introduction to Forensic Science & Criminalities Law for Forensic Scientists
Practical – Inorganic Chemistry Practical – Organic Chemistry
Practical – Physics Practical – Biology
Physical Chemistry Instrumentation & Investigation Techniques
Fundamentals of Math & Statistics Practical – Physical Chemistry
Fundamentals of Computer Science Practical – Forensic Science


B.Sc. in Forensic Science Syllabus

B.Sc. Forensic Science Syllabus Semester I


  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Crime and Society
  • Digital Forensics
  • Environmental Science
  • English/MIL Communication
  • Tools and Techniques in Forensic Science

B.Sc. Forensic Science Syllabus Semester II

  • Criminal Law
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Law to Combat Crime

B.Sc. Forensic Science Syllabus Semester III

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Forensic Dermatoglyphics
  • Technological Methods in Forensic Science
  • Criminalistics

B.Sc. Forensic Science Syllabus Semester IV

  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Questioned Documents
  • Forensic Biology
  • Anthropology
  • Computer Science

B.Sc. Forensic Science Syllabus Semester V

  • Forensic Ballistics
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Introduction to Biometry

B.Sc. Forensic Science Syllabus Semester VI

  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Handwriting Identification and Recognition
  • Forensic Science and Society
  • Computer Forensics Investigations

 Top Employer for B.Sc. Forensic Science Graduates

The government remains the top employer for this field with jobs such as – Forensic Consultant, Forensic Investigator, Assistant Central Intelligence Officer, Laboratory Assistant, and Chief Information Officer. They need candidates for the branch of Forensics in Police Department, Military and other security agencies.

Some private agencies and teaching institutes also employ them.

 How to choose a good institute in India?

There are 59 Forensic Science colleges in India offering 97 courses making it tough to choose from them. This has to be a well thought out and calculated decision based on various parameters. These are the key determinants that should influence one’s decision.

  • High College Ranking– Various agencies conduct audits and ranking of colleges at regular intervals. The higher the college ranks, the more applications it will get.
  • Good Infrastructure – Any course has to be backed by good infrastructure. The campus must meet world class standards and be fully equipped to meet the student’s needs. Modern and spacious classrooms, high speed Wi Fi enabled campus, good seminar halls, and social meeting points like good cafeteria and spots for informal gathering to boost comradeship and bonding.
  • Expert Faculty –Well experienced and talented faculty members and interactions with industry experts as guest/visiting faculty.
  • Good placement record –Campus placements with average salary packages of employed students also indicate the reputation of the institute. This adds immense value to the course and is seen as the valuable aspect.
  • Accreditations and awards – Awards and laurels won by a particular college/institute give a lot of credibility and excellence to it.

Benefits of Having B.Sc. Forensic Science Degree:

  • Specialized field with a lot of demand – This field offers a lot of jobs in the private, educational as well as government sectors. With the increase in crime rates the trained experts are required more.
  • Stable career option with good pay package– The majority of these jobs are in the government sector with job stability and good salary scales.
  • Helps a candidate’s all around development- The skills that are needed for this course also include a set of soft skills such as a focused mind, keen observation, patience, good communication etc. to help in improving the personality of the candidate.
  • An exciting career option – This career ensures that there is not a single dull day. It is a fully immersive occupation where you have to concentrate and focus as you discover new facts in the course of your investigation and job.
  • A highly respected and crucial job –People look up to this job and rely on its findings in solving cases. This field is related to the judicial system in the country, hence a very crucial job. The forensic professionals have to be unbiased and responsible in their communication and actions.

 B.Sc. Forensic Science Future Scope in India

The hope of a crime free world or even a decline in crime rates still remains a distant reality. We are subjected to the harsh reality of a growth in crime rates.  This is the reason why the scope of Forensic Science is good. We will continue to need experts in the crime ridden modern world helping to reduce the crimes or leading to judgements. There is a high demand for forensic experts. It has been observed that this course is not so well known in people. There is a lack of awareness about it which may be a strong reason for less number of people opting for this and getting qualified. It is a case of more demand than the supply.

 What after the B.Sc. Forensic Science Degree?

After this you can find a job in the Government, Private or Public sector. You may even choose to be an entrepreneur and set up your own firm, or opt for a teaching career. Some of you may also go for higher education if desire. Apart from various diploma courses you can enroll for MA/MSc in Criminology and MSc in Forensic Science also.


If you have always imagined yourself in a crime scene studying various objects, analyzing blood stains, soil, fingerprints, or bones; and helping recover mobile data from laptops, cell phones or computers and looking at DNA clues, then we have the B.Sc. forensic Science degree for you from one of the best and most reputed institute – Om Sterling Global University.

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