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In pursuance of Guidelines and Norms laid down in notification “University Grants Commission (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher education institutions) Regulations, 2015” to prevent or deter, the Act of Commission of Sexual Harassment and to provide the procedure for the resolution settlement or prosecution of the Acts of Sexual Harassment.

The committee on Prevention & Redressal of Sexual Harassment at Work Place for Om Sterling Global University, Hisar is constituted with the following members with the approval of Competent Authority

S.No. Name Designation Position Mobile No.
1 Dr. Renu Sharma Dean, SAS Chairperson 8963066390
2 Ms. Maya Jangir Deputy Registrar Member 9996789886
3 Dr. Sumesh Jain Dean, Admissions Member 9996789864
4 Dr. Chayanika Associate Dean, Research Member 9779028811
5 Dr Vijaya Khatri Assistant Professor, English Member 9813036346
6 Ms. Keerti Assistant Professor, Law Member 9896442993
7 Mr. Shakti Singh Sr. Hostel Warden Member 9466936922
8 Ms Kanchan Chaudhary NGO Representative, Udhaan, Give Wings to Fly, Hisar Member 9992800074
9 Mr. Ajay B.Tech CSE 4th Year Special Invite 9991814768