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From the Desk of Pro-Vice Chancellor

We extend our best greetings and welcome to Om Sterling Global University (OSGU), known for its commitment to academic excellence and intellectual capital. We personally feel blessed and fortunate to be a part of this caring and competent institution, under the stewardship of Dr. Puneet Goyal, Hon’ble Chancellor, which makes a difference. We believe that a University should be led by a set of shared beliefs as education is a covenant between educator and the community it serves. We are therefore very elated of the relationship we have with our community and the individualized education that we are able to provide to our students. All contemporary teaching strategies, including differentiated instruction and outcome based education are adopted to meet the unique needs and abilities of our students.

India is fast emerging as a knowledge society and becoming integrated with other knowledge societies of the world. A university is the engine of a knowledge society. Higher education is a significant contributor of national development and growth. The 12th Five Year Plan envisages the Gross Enrolment Ratio of 30% by 2020. Thus, the higher education landscape is changing rapidly. The Indian talent is today internationally sought for providing leadership to business organizations.

We are very jubilant when we state that new world starts here! At OSGU, students are engaged in exploring new ideas, debating eternal questions and solving relevant problems. Learning is excellence centered and exciting to witness. One discovers inquiry based learning in all classrooms. Students engage with ‘big ideas‘ and pursue essential and enduring questions. In the corridors is heard the excitement of innovation. Young scholars are seen here confidently pursuing their passions – academic inquiry, athletic endeavor, or artistic expression. Cultivating the full potential in each student requires a caring, committed and world class faculty. Every student learns differently and every student’s talent is  realized and nurtured.

Students are born with a powerful desire to learn.  Everything  we do  as  educators must ensure that this powerful desire is  kept  alive. We  are  eager  to ensure  the  best  and  most  memorable  experience  for  every   student..

We invite you to visit us and experience our passion for excellence and our commitment to architecting   a new world order!

Professor M. K. Sehgal
Ph.D. (Management), MBA, M.Com., MA (JMC) LL.B. (IIM/IIT/MDI Trained)
Distinguished Academician, Administrator, Motivational Trainer, Mentor & Facilitator
Pro-Vice Chancellor (OSGU)