Mechanical Engg. Lab

Mechanical Engineering Department has following labs:

1. Strength of Material:

The strength of materials deals with the study of materials used in structural applications. In this laboratory, students are provided with the opportunity to apply loads to various materials under different equilibrium conditions and keep deformation within acceptable limits. Tests on materials in tension, torsion, bending, and buckling are also performed. Material behavior is monitored during testing and for any type of destructive testing, fracture zone and material behavior observations are a key element

2. Fluid mechanics:

This practical work determines the viscosity and mass density of an unknown fluid. Viscosity is that property of fluid which provides an indication of the resistance to shear within a fluid. A stopwatch is used to determine readings on a viscometer and hence note the rate of drop of various spheres within the fluid. The laboratory work includes a close and deep examination of the theoretical analysis of fluid dynamics.

3. Heat Transfer Lab:

Heat transfer has various aspects such as conduction, convection and radiation. This lab aims at providing practical in-depth knowledge about various modes of Heat transfer in same metals, different metal and water. The equipments in the lab are used to calculate heat transfer co-efficient and constants. The lab work includes Determination of Electiveness of a Heat exchanger, Determination of Stefan-Boltzmann constant, Performance of Solar still, Determination of critical heat flux, Performance of solar water heater etc.

4. Kinematics of Machine/Dynamics of Machine Lab:

Kinematics deals with the motion of points, bodies and systems of bodies. Motion in kinematics is defined as study of trajectories of points, lines and other geometric objects and their differential properties.. Kinematics is used in astrophysics to describe the motion of celestial bodies. The lab work includes determining modulus of rigidity, value of coefficient of friction,displacement, velocity and acceleration by shaft etc.

5. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab:

Refrigeration is a part and parcel of everyday life. This lab provides knowledge about different needs, uses and working of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning. The lab work includes study of various vapour compression refrigeration cycles, various performance parameters on blower apparatus and cooling tower .the practical knowledge aims at complete grasping up of various devices with their use and working

6. Computer aided design and manufacturing Lab:

This lab helps students to inculcate the fundamentals of applications of computers in various stages of design, analysis and manufacturing of components. CAD/CAM lab is equipped with advanced software and hardware. The 3-D models are designed with innovation using Pro-Engineer and various other mechanical engineering softwares like AutoCAD etc.

7. Production Technology Lab:

It teaches the advanced manufacturing process in Mechanical and Production engineering. It basically deals with the process of chip formation. The Advanced Manufacturing Processes provide a pathway the Mechanical engineers in various industrial situations. This lab work covers areas of Milling, Gear hobbing, grinding, working of CNC, lathe machine and boring etc.

Other Mechanical Engineering Labs are:

  • Thermodynamics Lab
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Machine Vibration Lab
  • Industrial Engg. Lab
  • Entrepreneurship