M.A. Yoga & Naturopathy

Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Years

About the Programme

This 2 year degree programme of Yoga and Naturopathy  helps
  • To train individuals to become a Yoga Instructors/ Yoga Teachers/ Yoga Therapist.
  • To impart the basic knowledge about Yoga, its basis and applications.
  • To promote the awareness of positive health, personality development and psycho-spiritual evolution.

Why M.A. Yoga & Naturopathy?

The students will be involved in the whole process of yoga & naturopathy practices from the initial concept through to delivery and the outcome of the program will be to make them employable in Health Industry.
  • Acquire necessary knowledge in the area of yoga &naturopathy Techniques.
  • To develop skills and competencies through yoga& naturopathy Techniques.

Who can opt?

  • Students who have a keen interest in building a healthy and flexible body can take up this degree programme.
  • Suitable for students who want to cure diseases like depression, want to boost energy, enhance sleep, heighten concentration, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system by natural means can take up this degree programme.

Program Fee

Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
For National Students 40,000 80,000
For International Students 860 1720

Eligibility Criteria

For National Students
  • Bachelor degree or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks
For International Students


Semester 1
  • Fundamentals of Yoga
  • Anatomical and Physiological Aspects of Yoga – I
  • PantanjaliYog Sutra
  • Fundamental Of Naturopathy
  • Research Methodology in Yoga
  • Practical (a) Demonstrations of Assan (b) Pranayam and Shudhi Kriya
Semester 2
  • Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga-1
  • Anatomical and Physiological Aspects of Yoga – II
  • Health Aspects of yoga
  • Basic Yoga Texts Principle Upanishads & BhagwatGeeta
  • Applied statistics in yoga
  • Practical (i) Demonstrations of Asana, Pranayam and ShudhiKriya
Semester 3
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Application of yoga
  • Hath yoga -11
  • Vedas and Dharsan
  • Applied Psychology in Yoga
  • Practical (i) Demonstrations of Asana Pranayam and Shudhi Kriya.
Semester 4
  • Yoga Therapy -11
  • Options: i) Food & Nutrition / ii) Dissertation
  • Kinesiological Aspect of yoga
  • Teaching Methods of Yoga
  • Sanskrit
  • Practical (i) Demonstrations of Assan Pranayam (ii) Teaching Practices Lesson Plan

Career path

  • Yoga Instructors
  • Colleges & Universities
  • State Government Jobs
  • Central Government Jobs
  • Naturopathy Hospitals
  • Jobs in Teaching and Education
  • Health Clubs
  • Sports Centres
  • Community Yoga Centres
  • Sports Centres