Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Years

About the Programme

The programme M. A. Applied Arts prepares students for a dynamic career in the field of visual communication, Applied Arts, and Painting. Enrolled students are adequately trained for employment opportunities at art studios, advertising firms, and publishing houses, exhibitions etc.

Develop the technical skills & conceptual skills necessary to create a cohesive body of artwork. Demonstrate mastery of elements of design, mastery of materials, tools & processes in predominantly one medium & create a series of original work of art with coherent formal, conceptual & procedural relationships to one another.

Why M. A. Applied Arts?

The M. A. Applied Arts degree program in OSGU’s School of Architecture and Fine Arts (SAF) is a creative program designed to serve as an educational platform to ignite innovative passion in, and develop a highly creative job- oriented career for, interested applicants.

This 3- year long program offers professional training of global standards, besides non- academic benefits such as self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression, and social harmony and appreciation of diversity.

Learning outcomes

The M. A. Applied Arts will equip the students with the fundamental understanding about the various concepts of Design. The programme equips students about colour theory, design, and drawings are used to create visual messages. They can also gain knowledge and skills in various software programs that allow them to create the original design.

The students will demonstrate mastery in aesthetic & cross cultural understanding. The curriculum of art & material studies is designed to provide students with a comprehensive & up to date understanding of their field.

Program Fee

Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
For National Students 30,000 60,000
For International Students

Eligibility Criteria

For National Students
  • B. A. Applied Arts or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks
For International Students


Semester 1
  • History of Modern Western Art
  • Advertising Foundations and Dimensions
  • Visualization/Illustration
  • Graphics and Photography
Semester 2
  • History of Modern Western Art
  • Advertising Foundations and Dimensions
  • Visualization/Illustration
  • Graphics and Photography

Career path

  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Designer
  • Modeller
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Lead Designer
  • Art Director
  • Academic Institutions
  • Design Consultant
  • Educational Facilities Designer
  • Various institutions and industries