International Students (Study Abroad Programs)


Student’s Perspectives

Each student has his own aspirations and dreams about their professional career and growth. Studying and getting settled in a foreign country can be one of the steps of career ladder to reach the height of success. Today when the world is becoming one and just a click away, the desire of students for pursuing international studies has spread the wings.

International Employer’s Perspectives

The world is in need of individuals who have great ambition and want to make a positive impact. The demand for international employees with having highest level of intellectual and knowledge is growing day by day and in turn, it is creating ample job opportunities for the candidates. Even there are companies who sponsors the entire recruitment process.

  1. Your interpersonal, analytical, decision-making and negotiation skills must be unparallel.
  2. Having a cross-cultural understanding and awareness of what’s happening beyond borders.
  3. Having a deeper understanding of global issues having significant emphasis on economics, culture, education and political science.
  4. Compliance of all the legal and documentary process and formalities.
  5. Obtaining educational degrees/diplomas to pursue professional career.

If you want to pursue your career abroad,

We are here to help you in every step.



Since the world is becoming one, and all the countries are interrelated, although having diverse culture and value system, the need is to cope up with a complex multi-cultured environment. As we believe in the dreams and inspirations of our students, we strive hard to fulfill their aspirations. To do so, OSGU has established an International Link-up Cell with a sole objective of bringing students and international education and employers community altogether. Due to untiring efforts of this cell, we have signed MOU’s with many leading universities worldwide in order to bring global partnership and collaboration for the betterment of our students. The cell works with full dedication to create and maintain the relations with international education industry to open the world of abundant possibilities for all our students. The partnership and ties up with foreign universities has helped us a lot with the most enriched multi-cultured exposure for a better understanding of diverse nature of countries.


The Student Exchange Program is a unique feature of Om Sterling Global University. This program fosters the opportunity to our students to study in various foreign universities around the world. This program is a bilateral arrangement that facilitates inbound as well as outbound exchange facilities. The program requires certain duration of course to study at OSGU campus and for rest of the duration of the course, the student goes to our allied universities in foreign countries. By this way we not only provide opportunity for our students to study further in abroad but also to international student to study in our university.


Apart from student exchange program, we also have programs designed for the students to pursue their studies full time in abroad across the world. Our eminent expert helps a student to understand the culture, working style and other living standards of the desired country. We also help our students in getting information about the admission process overseas, students counseling and training the student in IELTS. The program helps a student to fulfill their dreams by getting information of the desired country through us as well as in planning and executing their studies abroad. The program creates avenues of opportunities for students to learn in the various cultural and academic landscapes through the full time study abroad.


At OSGU, the newer methods of teaching are not only opted but also supported worldwide. Our faculty exchange program allows us to offer platform for foreign teaching faculties to visit our university for various academic and research assignments. Our team of eminent faculties also visits foreign universities to pursue such assignments. This kind of mutual arrangement always facilitates newer way of thinking and innovation in concepts. The level of knowledge, creativity, skills, attitude and overall confidence is always groomed by such facilitation and we at OSGU always support the advancement and growth in the field of modern teaching.


Our tie-ups with foreign universities have enabled us to open the frontiers of collaborative research. Various institutions of international repute along with diverse academic levels are highly involved in carrying out the projects and research on a global basis. Our strategic partnership with foreign universities has allowed us to foster a common international platform for the purpose of conducting research for the welfare and betterment of humankind. The collaborative research also opens the door of career in foreign countries along-with higher standard of research.


An internship always allows better understanding of multi-cultured complex business situation. When it comes to international context, this internship holds very beneficial aspect of understanding the foreign country’s work style and complexities. Our university has also set up agreements with various foreign institutions and universities to offer internships under the umbrella of summer and winter internship programs. Some of our partners also allow our students to be placed under stipend based internship that gives strength to the idea “earn while learn”. The provision of such training and internship also make our students more adaptable to foreign working environment which is crucial for their career growth and their permanent work position in foreign country.


OSGU has always believed in making their program curriculum truly global. In a unique collaborative effort with some of the best universities in the world, students from OSGU will be taught by some of the most reputed faculty members from India and abroad. Our Tie-up with some reputed Universities overseas will afford a unique opportunity to our students to avail of the facilities of Students Exchange Program, Twining Program, etc.

To provide the benefit of international linkage to our students, the following MOU have been signed.

  1. MOU with Rana University, Kabul, Afghanistan.
    An MOU was secured in the month of August, 2019 with Rana University, Kabul to coordinate the operation of both the institution in terms of higher education, knowledge exchange and research by providing short and long term faculty and student exchange, collaborative academic programs and research, and holding of joint academic events such as conferences, seminars and workshops.
  2. MOU with Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
    An MOU was secured in the month of May, 2019 with Tribhuvan University, Nepal to encourage, facilitate and quantitatively strengthen the pursuit of mutually beneficial academic relations by providing short and long term faculty and student exchange, cooperation on joint academic programs, development of joint research activities, and exchange of study and academic curriculum and material.
  3. Approval from Nepal Pharmacy Council
  4. Approval from Nepal Health Professional Council

Apart from these, many other MOU’s with many academic universities and colleges along with many non-academic institutions in other countries is in process.