Industrial / Educational Trips and Industrial Training and Projects

Industrial and Educational Trips at OSGU

We at Om Sterling Global University, admit that educational and industrial trips are very crucial for the development of the students. Theoretically, all our students are trained in our class rooms, but the applied knowledge of learnt concepts can only be procured through live training. The industrial tours and visits enrich the learning concepts of the students and also enhance their orientation towards their field of interest. It also makes them more aware of community resources and helps them relate their educational experience to the outside world. Keeping this fact in mind, we at OSGU plan and execute various educational and industrial trips for our students and after the trip is over, the students are required to prepare a report on what is learnt and submit it to the department. We have made the industrial trips compulsory for all our students by assuming it as a part of course curriculum. These industrial trips are really helpful in inculcating the knowledge of applied concepts and to provide more insights into the modern corporate world.

Industrial Training and Projects

Industrial training helps a student to understand the complex system of modern corporate world. It gives more insight into the professional career to be pursued by the student after completing their academic degrees. This on job training gives strength to a student and boosts their confidence level by giving them a chance to get exposure of live units. Admitting this fact, all the students of OSGU studying in various courses are required to undergo for industrial training as per their course curriculum. In many of our courses, students are required to go for 4 to 6 weeks training whereas there are certain courses where a student is required to go for industrial training for a complete semester. Even OSGU offers stipend based industrial training to students studying in some particular courses. This is also noteworthy that many of our students have been placed in the same organization, where they had pursued their industrial training.

Following are some the industries where are students have completed their summer training.

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