Dr. Anuj Sharma

Dean (HR)

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Om Sterling Global University (OSGU) where academics and activities go hand in hand as students are groomed to evolve as balanced personalities in the fields of engineering and technology, science, commerce, humanities, management, health sciences, multi-media, architecture and many more other streams. Our dedicated team of highly talented Faculty are always striving for academic excellence and inculcating the same spirit among our students for overall personality development. The major emphasis while imparting training at OSGU is to encourage the quest for knowledge and innovation among our students and lay a strong foundation for a future where they are able to face global challenges in a rapidly changing scenario.

Here at OSGU, we try to mould our students with strength of character, self-confidence, technical competence and leadership in management so as to transform them into insightful and honorable citizens of this great nation.

The academic ambience at this University nurtures critical-thinking as our students gain in depth knowledge and practical skills through industry-oriented curricula and innovative instructional practices. Backed by multidisciplinary teamwork approaches and leadership-building experiences including get-together events, seminars and workshops, students are more than equipped for future leadership roles once they step out of college to face the world at large.

By choosing OSGU and selecting us to be your learning partner, you have taken the first step in becoming an educated and conscientious member of the society. Throughout your journey and stay here at Om Sterling Global University, please remember that you are not alone in this endeavor. Your professors, advisors, mentors, staff members and the administration are there to help you realize your goals and ambitions. They would want you to be successful and make your mark in public life, but the same can only be achieved if you are committed and have a positive

attitude towards life. We look forward to partnering with you in shaping your future during the most exciting period of your life and would like to ensure that your years at our campus are filled with cherishable memories.

With very best wishes for a richly rewarding career.