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4 Years

About the Programme

The objective of Bachelor of Planning  is to prepare students for professional practice in the field of Planning by imparting knowledge about the basic theories, techniques, and design concepts so that they can assume their assigned professional roles  wide range of designing, engineering, managing and also resolving challenges related to urban human settlements.

Why Bachelor of Planning?

Planning, development and management of human settlements is becoming an increasingly important task. As a result of technological advancements and integration of societies and economies of the world, planning of cities and regions has become very complex. Professionally trained town and country planners are therefore needed in order to evolve new options for the development and management of human settlements. This applies not only to the planning of metropolitan areas but also to small cities, towns and villages.

Professional planner plays a very critical role in shaping our environment – economically, environmentally, socially & culturally having significant impact on the factors that influence our lives.

Learning outcomes

The Bachelor of Planning will equip the students with the fundamental understanding as well as basic skills that would help students later in their careers to serve in various professional capacities in planning, development and management agencies in the public sector as well as private consultancy organizations. They will attain proficiency in designing and managing projects of all magnitudes from micro level unit design to the macro level regional development planning. They will be competent to work as members of multi-disciplinary teams for survey, analysis and plan preparation be it in the area of urban planning, development and management regional planning, housing, transport planning, infrastructure planning, environmental planning, design, conservation or in other related disciplines

Program Fee

Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
For National Students 27,500 55,000
For International Students 590 1180

Eligibility Criteria

For National Students
  • 10+2 or its equivalent with Mathematics & minimum 50% marks
For International Students The eligibility criterion for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.


Semester 1
  • Fundamentals of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Fundamentals of Building Structures
  • Materials and Principles of Construction
  • Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Planning – I
  • Technical Report Writing and Research Methodology
  • Basic Architectural Design
  • Planning and Design Lab – I (Graphics and Presentation Techniques)
Semester 2
  • Elements of Economics
  • Surveying and Photogrametric
  • Specifications, Estimation and Valuation
  • Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Planning – II
  • Evolution of Aesthetics, Culture and Technology
  • Techniques of Planning – I
  • Applied Geology and Hydrology
  • Planning and Design Lab – II (Graphics and Presentation Techniques)

Career path

  • Real Estate and Infrastructure firms
  • Transportation Planning firms
  • Planner
  • Urban/Environment Research associate
  • Archaeological Department
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Development & Planning Department of Railways
  • National Building Organisation (NBO)
  • Town & Country Planning
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Consultancy Firm
  • Architecture Firms