B. Sc. Radiology & Imaging Technology

Program Code





3+1 = 4 Years

About the Programme

The objective of B.Sc. (Radiology & Imaging Technology) program is to impart basic knowledge and skills involved in disease  diagnosis with special emphasis on the techniques and interpretation of radiography and other imaging processes used in medical field.

Why Radiology & Imaging Technology?

The B.Sc. Radiology & Imaging Technology program will equip the students with the fundamental understanding about the various concepts of  disease as well as disease diagnosis with the help of imaging techniques.  They will be competent of being  employed in diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and health care institutes.  They will also be capable of  opting for higher studies and research.

Who can opt?

  • If you’re interested in using the latest technology to help people who are ill or injured and have a background in a health or science-related subject, Radiology & Imaging Technology could be the career for you
  • Candidates who have the ability to use scientific methods and rules to solve issues.
  • Candidates who had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Program Fee

Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
For National Students 32,500 65,000
For International Students 700 1400

Eligibility Criteria

For National Students
  • 10+2 in PCB or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks
For International Students


Semester 1
  • Anatomy
  • Practical based on BRAD-001
  • Physiology
  • Practical based on BRAD-003
  • Basic Biochemistry
  • Practical based on BRAD-005
  • English Literature and Language-I
  • Environmental Studies
Semester 2
  • Pathology
  • Practical based on BRAD-008
  • Microbiology
  • Practical based on BRAD-010
  • Pharmacology
  • Practical based on BRAD-012
  • Health Care
  • Psychology
  • English Literature and Language-II
Semester 3
  • Basic physics and physics of radiography
  • Practical based on BRAD-016
  • Radiographic film & Image processing techniques
  • Practical based on BRAD-018
  • Radiography of chest, abdomen, pelvis & skull
  • Practical based on BRAD-020
  • Computer application
  • Environment science and Health
Semester 4
  • Mammography, fluoroscopy and mobile radiography
  • Practical based on BRAD-024
  • Radiography of spine and extremities
  • Practical based on BRAD-026
  • Contrast media: reactions and management & special radiography procedures
  • Practical based on BRAD-028
  • Biostatistics and Research methodology
  • Constitution of India
Semester 5
  • Physics of ultrasound & CT
  • Practical based on BRAD-032
  • Radiobiology and radiation safety
  • Practical based on BRAD-034
  • Quality control in radiology, PC and PNDT, PACS and planning of Radiology department
  • Practical based on BRAD-036
  • Elective I
  • Medical Ethics
Semester 6
  • Physics and hardware of MRI
  • Practical based on BRAD-040
  • Imaging sequences and advances in MRI
  • Practical based on BRAD-042
  • Recent advances & guided radiological procedures
  • Practical based on BRAD-044
  • Elective-2
  • Hospital Management
Semester 7
  • Professional Training
Semester 8
  • Professional Training

Career path

  • Hospital Imaging Center
  • Emergency Clinic
  • Forensic Lab
  • Breast Imaging Center
  • Radiography Education
  • Out-Patient Radiology Center
  • Primary Care Clinic
  • Sales and Service of Radiology Equipment
  • Industry
  • University Research Labs